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Negură Bunget - Two Departed Members' Statement

The two recently departed band members, Hupogrammos and Sol Faur issued the following statement today:

"This statement is signed by Sol Faur and myself (Hupogrammos). Our aim is to shed light on the recent developments in relation to Negura Bunget. We also want to prevent further abuse of the name Negura Bunget and our past activities. Our decision should be well understood and fans and media have a right to be correctly informed of the current development. We owe this to the public and Negura Bunget itself. There is no intention to turn this into a personal issue between us and our former drummer Negru. We do not wish to create a public scandal, but a line has been crossed and it is time now to stand up and fight for what we believe in.

With the last "official" Negura Bunget statement, things went too far. The selfish and greedy acts of a single person are doing too much harm. We cannot accept how our issues were presented to the world. In truth our gesture to step aside from the band was generated by the selfish behavior of our drummer Negru and by his lack of ability to connect, to work in a team as well as by his lack of honesty.

We initially intended to remain silent on the reasons of our split. We all agreed to end our joined work and
to release a simple and unspectacular statement to the press in order to prevent our personal animosity to become part of the story. It was agreed by all that none of the members would use the name "Negura Bunget" ever again in the future since the band as an entity was comprised by all three of its members. Negru's act of making a public statement that is completely different from what has been agreed upon proves once more a total lack of respect for the other members of our and his own band. It proves his honor to be questionable as his acts are serving only his personal interest.

Our own statement, which we had sent to Negru for approval and adjustment read like this:

"After fifteen years of experience in the metal scene Negura Bunget decided to end its activity. Negru will continue with his own project called Din Brad, while Hupogrammos and Sol Faur will continue the direction of the band under a different name that will be announced at a later date. The band would like to thank to everybody, who supported and believed in Negura Bunget and invites you to follow our further musical activities."

Unfortunately we did not the chance to see his final statement before it was sent. We were unable to change or to prevent it from becoming public in that form. Being in charge of all the logistic part of our work (i.e. all our contacts, our Myspace page, our official website, our newsletter and activities of Negura Music) Negru was entitled to send our statement to the media and to the public. However, he didn't consult us before posting a statement that did not care about our opinion, even though his statement makes believe this was a mutual decision.


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Funeral Mist - New Album Out In February

After 6 years of silence Sweden's Funeral Mist is back with a new album. The album will be called "Maranatha" and will contain 8 tracks. Release date is set for 23rd of February. The cover art can be viewed here (Explicit Content Warning: not work friendly).

"Maranatha" tracklisting:

01. Sword Of Faith
02. White Stone
03. Jesus Saves!
04. A New Light
05. Blessed Curse
06. Living Temples
07. Anathema Maranatha
08. Anti-Flesh Nimbus


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Deathspell Omega - Split Announced With S.V.E.S.T.

Deathspell Omega and S.V.E.S.T. offer two glances right into the primeval fracture, the suppurating wound at the heart of everything, the fissure undermining up to the least attempt at harmony. "Summa Divisio", the first of all divisions, the mother of all scissions and the annunciation of woe and affliction to come. The work of both bands can be understood as a variation on a same theme, independent yet complementary.

The split, entitled "Chaining The Katechon / Le Diable Est Ma Raison" cover art], will be released on the 8th of December, through End All Life Productions, as a noble gatefold LP featuring both bands and as two digipak mini-cds, each featuring one band, with identical artwork and layout


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Watain - 10 Year Anniversary Concert Details

As a closure to the two year long Fuck the World Tour, Watain will do a final date in Uppsala, Sweden, on the 6th of December. This ceremonial performance shall mark the 10 year anniversary of the band, which is also why it is held in it's place of earthly origin. Both setlist and new stage show will be crafted exclusively for this concert, which will be the last not only on the tour but for a long time ahead, as Watain shall devote the coming year entirely to the crafting of the next full-length album.

To further enhance this monumental evening, three additional bands shall also perform. None other than Die Hard, Unpure and Grand Magus. More information regarding these bands, tickets, venue etc can be found at


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Event: Watain: 10 Year Anniversary Gig
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Porcupine Tree - Prepare For Another DVD

The band posted the following a week or so ago:

"Porcupine Tree will play 2 shows at 013, Tilburg, the Netherlands, on 15th and 16th October.
The short run of European shows (sorry no US shows this time) during October is in order to shoot a DVD based on the Fear of a Blank Planet album cycle, and the main body of the filming will take place at Tilburg, where the band will play as much different material as possible during the course of the 2 nights. So please come along and help us to make the atmosphere very special and get yourself in the film!

Tickets are on sale from the 7th June from"


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Opeth - Album Artwork Revealed

The cover artwork for "Watershed", the forthcoming album from Swedish metallers Opeth, can be viewed here. The cover was (as usual) designed by Travis Smith in co-operation with frontman/guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt.

"Watershed" is scheduled for release on June 3 via Roadrunner Records (one day earlier internationally). The CD, recorded in the band's native Sweden and produced by frontman/guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt and Jens Bogren, is a masterwork that follows the time-honored Opeth tradition; its modern yet timeless, progressive yet paying homage to the sounds of classic rock.

"Watershed" track listing:

01. Coil
02. Heir Apparent
03. The Lotus Eater
04. Burden
05. Porcelain Heart
06. Hessian Peel
07. Hex Omega


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Porcupine Tree - Album Retail And New Video Online

"Nil Recurring" is finally given a full retail release today , and Peaceville have a micro site Link] dedicated to the album which includes a new video by Lasse Hoile for the song "Normal". The retail edition of the album is identical to the original mail order version except that it comes in a super-jewel case with a card slipcase, instead of the digipack Transmission version. Both this and the "We Lost The Skyline" CD are now shipping from the PT Store.


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Porcupine Tree - Received A Grammy Nomination

Porcupine Tree 's "Fear of a Blank Planet" album has received a nomination at this year's Grammy awards, for "Best Surround Sound Album". The full list of nominees is available on the official Grammy website

In other news, Snapper Music will gradually make Porcupine Tree catalogue available for digital download (including most of the band's music originally issued between 1992-2000) over the next few months. The albums will be made available in chronological order, starting with "On the Sunday of Life..." (1992) and the updated 2005 version of "Up the Downstair" (1993), which will be available from 11th December. The micro-site for the downloads can be found here.


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Sepultura - Dante XXI World Tour Dates

The following dates were posted on the Sepultura Army website:

(03.05.07 Monterrey, MX : TBA)
(04.05.07 Torreon, MX : Poliforum)
(05.05.07 Aguascalientes, MX : Auditorio Morelos)
19.05.07 Curitiba, BR : Helloch
20.05.07 Santiago, CL : Estadio Victor Jara
26.05.07 Varginha, BR : Roça In Roll, Fazenda Estrela
02.06.07 Brasilia, BR : Porão do Rock
16.06.07 Caixas do Sul, BR : TBA
28.06.07 Alba, IT : Altro Mondo
29.06.07 Alba, IT : Altro Mondo
30.06.07 Lleida, ES : Parc Municipal de les Basses (Senglar Rock Festival)
01.07.07 Dundee, UK : Fat Sams
02.07.07 Inverness, UK : The Ironworks
03.07.07 Glasgow, UK : ABC 1
04.07.07 Manchester, UK : University Of Manchester Union
06.07.07 Moscow, RU : Plan B
07.07.07 St. Petersburg, RU : Matrix
09.07.07 Woergl, AT : Komma
11.07.07 Belgrade, RS : Studentski Kulturni Centar
12.07.07 Bucharest, RO : Roman Arenas (Sfinx Experience CDA)
13.07.07 Tokaj, HU : Tokaj-Rakamaz Tisza Kemping (Hegyalja Fesztivál)
15.07.07 Vizovice, CZ : Areál Likérky Rudolf Jelínek (Masters Of Rock Festival)
17.07.07 Tolmin, SI : Julisch Alps National Park (Metalcamp Festival)
19.07.07 Rieden, DE : Kreuth bei Amberg (Earthshaker Festival)
20.07.07 Vilnius, LT : Ferrum
21.07.07 Riga, LV : Sapnu Fabrika
22.07.07 Tallin, EE : Rock Cafe
23.07.07 St. Petersburg, RU : TBC
25.07.07 Helsinki, FI : Kaapelitehdas
26.07.07 Turku, FI : TBC
28.07.07 Kuopio, FI : Kuopio RockCock Festival
30.07.07 Warsaw, PL : Klub Proxima
01.08.07 TBC, DE : TBC
02.08.07 Praha, CZ : Rock Café
03.08.07 Salestat, FR : Centre Alsace (Léz'Arts Scéniques Festival)
05.08.07 Utrecht, NL : Tivoli
06.08.07 TBC, BE : TBC
08.08.07 Guadalajara, ES : Campo de Fútbol 'Pedro Escartín' (SepulArmy Party)
09.08.07 Barcelona, ES : Apolo
10.08.07 Madrid, ES : TBC
11.08.07 Murcia, ES : Puerto De Mazarrón (Leyendas Del Rock Festival)
12.08.07 Gernika, ES : Herriko Plaza
13.08.07 Gijon, ES : TBC
15.08.07 Kavarna, BG : Kavarna Festival
16.08.07 TBC, UK : TBC
17.08.07 TBC, UK : TBC
18.08.07 London, UK : Carling Academy Islington


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Negura Bunget - European Tour Announced

The following was posted on

Time has come again for another Negura Bunget European Tour. We had some last minute changes, a couple of new gigs in the UK added, and the schedule is now complete. We are looking forward too see you all there, as we are ready to give our best on stage!

Feel free to spread this message. We appreciate any kind of support!

The dates are the following:

04/04/2007 - Budapest (HUN) - Blue Hell + Adultery
05/04/2007 - Trencin (SVK) - Piano Club + Adultery
06/04/2007 - Ostrava (CZE) - Prostor + Adultery, Hyperborean Desire
07/04/2007 - Gmunden (AT) - Mc Wolverines + Adultery, Trimonium
08/04/2007 - Praga (CZE) - Bordo + Adultery, Tabor Radosti
10/04/2007 - Nice (FR) - Sezamo + Kathaarsys, Artefact
12/04/2007 - Valladolid (SP) - Nautico + Kathaarsys, Invadeath
13/04/2007 - Bilbao (SP) - Durango + Kathaarsys, Nemesis Oculta
14/04/2007 - Madrid (SP) - Ritmo&Compas+ Kathaarsys, Ataraxie
15/04/2007 - Valencia (SP) - Paberse Matao ( + Kathaarsys
16/04/2007 - Lisbon (PT) - Culto Club + God
17/04/2007 - Bordeaux (FR) - Heretic Club + Angmar, Apocryphe
18/04/2007 - Groninghen (NL) - Vera+ Gheestenland
19/04/2007 - Hamburg (DE) - Markthalle ) + Odem Arcarum
20/04/2007 - Bischofswerda (DE) - Eastclub + Menhir
21/04/2007 - Munich (DE) - Titanic City + Odem Arcarum, Orlog
22/04/2007 - Berlin (DE) - Knaak Club + Menhir
23/04/2007 - Bonn (DE) - Namenlos + Garstig, Thornostrum
27/04/2007 - Zella-Mehlis (DE) - Einsiedel + Odem Arcarum, Farsot, Mortjuri
28/04/2007 - Burgdorf (CH) - Kulturkeller Alpina + Klabautamann, Tribes of Cain
29/04/2007 - Brescia (IT) - La Sfinge + Death Dies, Stromcrow
30/04/2007 - Zagreb (CR) - KSET+ Melkor, Abraksas
01/05/2007 - Nova Gorica (SL) - Mostovna + Absentia Lunae
02/05/2007 - Hekelgem (BE) - 162 + Mortuary Drape, Morrigan, Besatt
03/05/2007 - Nijmegen (NL) - Staddijk + Walpurgisnacht, Carach Angren
04/05/2007 - Bad Segeberg (DE) - "Av is og ild" - Metal Fest + Adultery
05/05/2007 - Paris (FR) - La Loco+ Cirith Gorgor, Crystalium, Blacklodge, Griffar
06/05/2007 - Belfast (IR) - + Ephel Duath, Bossk
07/05/2007 - Cork (IR) - Au Cruiscin Lan + Ephel Duath, Bossk
08/05/2007 - Dublin (IR) - Voodoo Lounge + Ephel Duath, Bossk
09/05/2007 - Sunderland (UK) Independent+ Wodens Throne, Fen
10/05/2007 - Nottingham (UK) - Rock City + Ephel Duath, Bossk
11/05/2007 - Hitchin (UK) - Club 85 + Ephel Duath, Bossk
12/05/2007 - Cardiff (WE) - Clwb Ifor Bach + Ephel Duath, Bossk
13/05/2007 - Southampton (UK) - Joiners + Ephel Duath, Bossk


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Vital Remains - European Tour Dates

Vital Remains have left for Europe, here are the tourdates, be sure to catch them on the road. Vital Remains will be acompanied by Godphobia (from 30.03. to 16.05), Kenos (from 30.03. to 14.04.) and Tombthroat (from 28.04. to 10.05).

Sa. 24.03. Katovice (POL) Metal Mind - Festival
Fr. 30.03. Cork (IRE) - An Cruiscin Lan
Sa. 31.03. Dublin (IRE) - Voodoo Lunge
Su. 01.04. Newport (Uk) - TJ's
Mo. 02.04. Dudley (Uk) - JB's
Tue. 03.04. Glasgow (Uk) Soundhaus
We. 04.04. Bradford (UK) - Rios
Thu. 05.04. London (Uk) - The Underworld
Fr. 06.04. Rotterdam (NL) - Baroeg
Sa. 07.04. Leeuwarden (NL) - Romein
Su. 08.04. Kristianstad (S) - Magazinet
Mo. 09.04. Stockholm (S) - Tantogarden
Tue. 10.04. Gävele (S) - Club Monster
We. 11.04. Göteborg (S) - Henriksberg
Thu. 12.04. Kopenhagen (DK) - Black Beauty
Fr. 13.04. Arhus (DK) - Studenthuset
Sa. 14.04. Zwickau (GER) - Battle Zone
So. 15.04. Pol - tba
Mo. 16.04. Warschau (POL) - Progresja
Tue. 17.04. Katovice (POL) - Megaclub
We. 18.04. Ostrava (CZ) - Arena Underground Club
Thu. 19.04. Prag (CZ) - Matrix
Fr. 20.04. Innsbruck (A) - Hafen
Sa. 21.04. Wien (A) - Escape
So. 22.04. Altofen (A) - Endorphin
Mo. 23.04. Budapest (HUN) Blue Hell
Tue. 24.04. Timisoara (ROM) Metal Box
We. 25.04. Belgrad (SERB) - SKC
Thu. 26.04. Skopje (MKD) - MKC
Sa. 28.04. Maribor (SLO) - Club MC
So. 29.04. Turin ( I ) - II Noise
Mo. 30.04. Ascoli ( I ) - La Tanne Dell Tigri
We. 02.05. Marseille (F) - tba
Thu. 03.05. Barcelona (ESP) - Mephisto
Fr. 04.05. Irun (ESP) - Tunk
Sa. 05.05. Toulouse (F) - Les Vents Du Sud
So. 06.05. Nancy (F) - tba
Mo. 07.05. Essen (GER) - Turock
We. 09.05. GER - tba
Thu. 10.05. BEL - tba


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Evergrey - To Embark On First-Ever Eastern European Tour

Swedish metallers Evergrey will embark on their first Eastern European tour in January. Confirmed dates are as follows:

Jan. 11 - Nitra, SK - Stara Pekaren
Jan. 12 - Budapest, HUN - Kultiplex
Jan. 14 - Larissa, GRE - Live Music House
Jan. 15 - Plovdiv, BUL - Geo Milev Hall
Jan. 17 - Sofia, BUL - Sredec Hall
Jan. 19 - Ankara, TUR - Saklikent
Jan. 20 - Istanbul, TUR - Studio Live
Jan. 21 - Bukarest, ROM - Sala Preoteasa
Jan. 22 - Belgrad, SER - Dom Omladine
Jan. 23 - Zagreb, CRO - Mochvara
Jan. 24 - Wörgl, AUT - Komma

Support on the trek (except in Nitra and Budapest) will come from the Norwegian band Stonegard.

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Arcturus - To Tour Australia In March

Norwegian extreme metal band Arcturus will embark on a tour of Asutralia in March 2007.
The details of the trek, dubbed "Shipwrecked in Australia", are as follows:

Mar. 27 - Adelaide @ HQ Complex
Mar. 29 - Brisbane @ Her Majesty's Basement
Mar. 30 - Sydney @ The Gaelic Theatre (18+)
Mar. 31 - Melbourne @ The Espy

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Event: Arcturus: Shipwrecked In Australia
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Mourning Beloveth - Parts Ways With Bassist

Irish doom titans Mourning Beloveth have parted ways with bassist Adrian Butler. Adrian's official statement on the matter reads as follows:

"I am no longer part of the doom troupe that are Mourning Beloveth. I was talking to Darren last weekend and the band are going to continue with current session bassist Brendan Roche and make him a permanent member of MB. I moved to Spain in Oct '05 and the fact of not being able to be present for weekly practice has been very tough and impossible for us to keep up the long distance relationship so to speak. I've been leaving since last year in a way but making this final decision is tough but better off for both parties. I can say though that it's been a fabulous 10 years with MB. We've toured America, Europe a few times and recorded three great albums. We also played our first open air festivals this year so I am more than happy with what I was involved in and pleased to have been able to play a part in advancing the bands career since 1996 when I recorded their first demo with Alan from Primordial. I will be helping out the band in the future in another capacity too so I won't be going away. My friends in MB will always remain so and we'll continue to insult each other, get drunk, fall down and have a laugh whenever its possible to get together.

"In the coming months I will be launching my new business venture. It will have various sections dealing with band management, a booking agency, band promotion, licensing deals, studio production, concert promotion and tour management. More details on the website (under construction). It will be a combination of my past work experience with Emerald Promotions, Sentinel Records and Mourning Beloveth. I have some other musical projects in the pipeline as well. A bit different than MB but you will hear it in due course. I won't be letting these strings of lead turn to stone."

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Astarte - New Album Details With MP3 And Video

Greek female black metal trio Astarte has posted the cover artwork for its upcoming fifth album, "Demonized", at this location (cover artwork by Timo Wuerz). The CD, which is tentatively due next month via Avantgarde Records, was mixed at Tico Tico studios in Finland. It features guest appearances on vocals by Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow, Mayhem's Attila Csihar, God Dethroned's Henri Sattler and Lloth's Nicolas Sic Maiis. The track listing is as follows:

01. Mutter Astarte
02. God Among Men (feat. Nicolas Sic Maiis)
03. Demonized
04. Heart Of Flames
05. Lost
06. Black Star
07. Lycon (feat. Attila Csihar)
08. God I Hate Them All
09. Queen Of The Damned (feat. Henri Sattler)
10. Everlasting
11. Princess Of The Dawn (Accept cover)
12. Black At Heart (feat. Angela Gossow)
13. Everlasting (outro)

Watch the "Mutter Astarte" video at this location.
Download the "Mutter Astarte" MP3 here.


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