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Nightwish - Vocalist Leaves Stage In Belo Horizonte (UPDATED)

Original news, posted on 12.11.2008

Nightwish were forced to cut Monday night's (November 10) concert in Belo Horizone, Brazil short after the group's lead singer Anette Olzon suddenly started "crying" at the end of the song "The Poet And The Pendulum" (about six tracks into the group's set) and walked off stage, leaving the rest of the band to finish the song with bassist/vocalist Marco Hietala attempting to handle some of the lead-vocal parts. The group reportedly played two more cover songs and ended the show, explaining that Anette is going through a difficult phase in her life, and that she was really sad.

Fan-filmed video footage of Olzon walking off can be viewed here and here.

But, in the meantime, Anette Olzon sent a press release to Brazilian media where she clearified the reasons behind her sudden "collapse" which caused her to leave the stage in the middle of the Nightwish show in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on November 10th 2008.

Olzon stated that the smoke on stage got on her vocal chords to make her lose her voice. She was trying to sing until she reached the point she couldn't do it anymore and therefore was "forced" to leave the stage.

Nightwish has always had a very good and close relation to their fans in Brazil and the thought of disappointing the fans was too great for Anette. The band tried to buy some time for Anette to regain her voice back but it didn't. Nightwish ended up playing 2 more songs after Anette left the stage but were forced to stop the show after that.

After the show, people stayed in the venue to get some kind of explanation to what happened. After a while, promoter Eric de Haas from Dynamo Productions came on stage to tell the fans that the concert was over and Nightwish was already back on their hotel.

It is reported that the next show Nightwish did the next day in the capital of Brazil (Brasilia) went well and the band also included the song "The Poet And The Pendulum" on their setlist.


As posted on Blabbermouth, Nightwish mainman/keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen said the following, speaking to webzine O Povo Online about the incident: " freaked out because she couldn't handle the different mannerisms of the fans here. There were a lot of people screaming the former vocalist's name, making obscene gestures (with the middle finger). Normally she can shake that stuff off, she has good self-esteem, but it's been hard to deal with the fans and the critics. I guess it was a sudden breakdown; she just... lost her mind for a second. It's kind of scary, and we all feel for her and understand what she is going through. We hope she can put her mind at ease and make the rest of the shows. So far it's been fine; she's feeling much better."


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Agalloch - Update From The Band

Agalloch have updated their MySpace with the following blog:

"Agalloch will finally release "The White EP" through Vendlus Records in early 2008. It is the follow-up to 2004's "The Grey EP" and completes a dichotomy of releases for the label. "The White EP" contains seven dark folk and ambient works written and recorded over the past 3 years.

"The White EP" tracklisting:

01. The Isle Of Summer
02. Birch Black
03. Hollow Stone
04. Pantheist
05. Birch White
06. Sowilo Rune
07. Summerisle Reprise

Also, the band has two European gigs confirmed for next year. We will be playing the 5th edition of the annual Ragnarök Festival in Germany alongside Negura Bunget, Skyforger, Menhir, Haggard, Sear Bliss, Unleashed, and several others. This will be followed by a headlining gig in Belgium with Mourning Beloveth (UK) and In Age And Sadness (Hol). Of course, a couple gigs in our native Pacific Northwest will be played before we head off to Europe. More info regarding that will be forthcoming.

2008 live dates:
March - TBA - Portland, OR - TBA
March - TBA - Seattle, WA - TBA
March 28th - Lichtenfels, Germany - Stadthalle
March 29th - Vosselaar, Belgium - Biebob

Finally, we have parted ways with Chris Greene as our live drummer. His replacement is Aesop Dekkar from Ludicra."

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Kamelot - New Video Launched

Taken from the official newsletter:

"Kamelot is pleased to launch their fantastic second video for the song "The Human Stain" from the album "Ghost Opera". Click here to watch the video."

The track is the title cut off Kamelot's new album, which was released in North America on June 5.


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To-Mera - New Album Details

According to their band official myspace :

Hi Folks. Time for an update I reckon ..

Well, we've got 8 new songs in various states of completion. Titles confirmed so far include "The Lie", "A Sorrow to Kill", "Merry-Go-Round" and "Asylum". Working titles (IE: these could change!) include "Temptation" and "A Silver Key".

We will start the recording process on the 21st August, again using Brett Caldas-Lima who produced the debut "Transcendental". Recording will take place near Oxford, England at a purpose built rehearsal studio (which is a bit better than the "back room of a pub" like last time, hehe).

The music's definitely going in a heavier direction. I know most bands say this, but since Tom is writing a majority of the stuff with his 7-string baritone tuned to F# it's definitely true. The songs are also going to be considerably more complex and roundly structured than before. All the parts that have become "typically" To-Mera are still going to be there only much more so in every possible way. There's more fluidity and emotional depth to the new songs. We're all more than happy with the way things are working out.

You may be pleased to know the average song time is still hitting the seven minute mark!

We'll be doing some kind of daily journal when the recording actually starts. I'll post a link when it's available.


Lee & To-Mera.

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Nightwish - Three More Song Samples

In addition to the "Eva" sample, you can now listen to three more samples from the upcoming Nightwish album here:

Nightwish's new single "Eva" is available at Nuclear Blast Musicshop. All European income of this single will be donated to the children charity foundation "Die Arche". You can buy the song here.


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Epica - Release Dates Of Forthcoming Album Confirmed

Epica have issued the following update on their forthcoming album, The Divine Conspiracy:

"After having announced the title of the upcoming Epica album last week, this week we want to give you some more info on The Divine Conspiracy.

The Divine Conspiracy will be Epica's first full length concept album. This concept deals with the theory that, as a test, God created all kinds of different religions and released those upon humanity to see if they would be able to find the true nature of them, realizing that in all religions it is actually the same. But there's more to it, it also concludes the "Embrace That Smothers" concept that could already be found on The Phantom Agony.

We also want to mention a special guest performance on this cd; Sander Gommans (After Forever & HDK) joined us in the studio to record some of his amazing grunts for one of the songs!

And to conclude with: We have just returned from Belgrade (Serbia) to shoot the video for our first single: Never Enough. This video was shot by renowned director Ivan Colic from ICode Team & Rock the Nations. More info on this video will follow soon!"

Update: Nuclear Blast has set the release date in Germany of The Divine Conspiracy for September 7th. The rest of Europe will follow shortly after with September 10th.

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Iced Earth - New Guitarist Announced

Iced Earth mastermind Jon Schaffer has announced the addition of the band's latest guitarist with a brief band personnel update:

"Our new guitar players name is Troy Seele. Troy did a few solos on the new record and will be touring with us. He's been a friend of mine for about 10 years and is from the Indianapolis (indy) area. He's by far the best guitar player in Indy and will be bringing some cool vibes to the table. - Jon"

More details will be posted on the official Iced Earth website as they become available.

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Gaia Epicus - Mainman To Release Solo Album

Thomas C. Hansen, mainman for Norwegian power metallers Gaia Epicus, is planning to release his first solo album this fall. The album will be called "Like A Shadow" and the music is going to be melodic rock/metal. According to a press release, "the album will mostly be instrumental songs with some progressive elements."

For more information, visit


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Pain Of Salvation - Drummer Johan Langell Leaves Band To Focus On Family Life

Pain Of Salvation have issued the following announcement:

"One of the world's best drummers has decided to be one of the world's best fathers and 9-5 workers instead. We are sad to announce that Johan Langell has decided to leave the band, to focus on family. This is not a sudden decision, but something that has been pending for several years."

You can read the whole Langell statement here:

All band members have also commented his departure on the band's official website:


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Type O Negative - European Tour Dates

With the release of their new album "Dead Again" right around the corner (March 13 release in the USA, March 16 in Germany and March 19 in Europe), Type Of Negative has announced their European tour plans.
Confirmed dates are as follows:

1 - Spirit Of Rock Festival - Zurich, SWITZERLAND
2 - Rock Am Ring - Nurburgring, GERMANY
3 - Rock Im Park - Nurnberg, GERMANY
4 - Docks - Hamburg, GERMANY
5 - Amager Bio - Copenhagen, DENMARK
10 - Rock Café - Tallinn, ESTONIA
11 - Mad Mix Factory - Riga, LATVIA
13 - Lucerna Music Bar - Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
14 - Stodola Club - Warsaw, POLAND
15 - Columbiahalle - Berlin, GERMANY
16 - Woodstage Festival - Chemnitz, GERMANY
17 - Fields of Rock - Biddinghuizen, HOLLAND
19 - Academy 2 - Manchester, ENGLAND
20 - Academy - Birmingham, ENGLAND
21 - Astoria - London, ENGLAND
22 - Graspop (Marquee Stage) - Dessel, BELGIUM
23 - Hellfest - Clisson, FRANCE
25 - Apolo - Barcelona, SPAIN
26 - Caracol - Madrid, SPAIN
27 - Coliseum - Lisbon, PORTUGAL
30 - Gods of Metal II - Milan, ITALY

1 - Stara Klaonica - Zagreb, CROATIA
3 - SKC - Belgrade, SERBIA

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Forsaken - Sign With I Hate Records

According to Forsaken's official myspace, "It is with great satisfaction and elation that I Hate Records (Sweden) and Forsaken (Malta) can now officially announce that they have reached agreement on terms, which shall see Forsaken releasing their forthcoming heavy, epic doom metal opus on I Hate Records. The band's next album on I Hate Records is planned for mid-2008 and the contract that Forsaken have etched with the label, also provides the option for the release of two further albums, thereby providing for a fruitful and mutually rewarding long-term relationship between both parties."

The full announcement can be read at this location.


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Sonata Arctica - New Album Update

In a short post on the official website of Finnish Power-Steamrollers Sonata Arctica, it is announced that they have named their forthcoming new album "Unia". It will be the band's fifth studio album. The album will be released on May 25 via Nuclear Blast Records.

As announced, Sonata Arctica recently confirmed some Finnish and USA tour dates. More dates are expected to be announced soon.


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Epica - To Return To North America This Fall

Advance tickets are now on sale for a handful of dates by Dutch progressive metallers Epica (fronted by Simone Simons). The following are current dates confirmed at htpp://

05.09.2007 - USA, Springfield, VA
06.09.2007 - USA, Hartford, CT
07.09.2007 - USA, Poughkeepsie, NY
08.09.2007 - USA, Bedford, NH
09.09.2007 - USA, New York City, NY
14.09.2007 - USA, Toronto, ON
15.09.2007 - USA, Cleveland, OH
16.09.2007 - USA, Detroit, MI
18.09.2007 - USA, Mokena, IL
19.09.2007 - USA, St. Paul, MN
22.09.2007 - USA, Seattle, WA
25.09.2007 - USA, Hollywood, CA
27.09.2007 - USA, Mexicali, MEX
30.09.2007 - USA, San Antonio TX
01.10.2007 - USA, Houston, TX

Austria's Visions Of Atlantis will be opening the shows.

Epica are currently recording their new album at the Gate Studios in Wolfsburg, Germany. As announced, God Dethroned drummer Ariën van Weesenbeek is playing on the new Epica album but is not joining the band as a full time member.


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Within Temptation - New Video Online

Dutch metal band Within Temptation have posted the video for its new single, 'What Have You Done', on their MySpacepage.

'What Have You Done', featuring Life Of Agony's Keith Caputo, will be released in Europe on February 16th via G.U.N. Records.

The single will be available in a "Basic" version and a "Premium" edition. The tracklistings:
01. What Have You Done (single version)
02. What Have You Done (album version)

01. What Have You Done (single version)
02. What Have You Done (album version)
03. Blue Eyes/Aquarius (Live at the Java Island, Amsterdam)
04. Caged (Live at the Java Island, Amsterdam)

'What Have You Done' is first single from their new album, "The Heart of Everything", due later in the year in North America via Roadrunner Records.


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Dark Moor - Tarot Album Details

According to Dark Moor's official site "The release date for Tarot will be February 21th, 2007", and will include the following tracks:

01. The Magician
02. The Chariot
03. The Star
04. Wheel Of Fortune
05. The Emperor
06. Devil In The Tower
07. Death
08. Lovers
09. The Hanged Man
10. The Moon
11. The Fool

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