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Limbonic Art - Reunited + New Album

The folowing message was posted as a blog on Limbonic Art's MySpace:

"Symphonic Black Metal masters Limbonic Art return from the dead! 06.06.06 the two members, Daemon and Morfeus, decided to bring back the dark powerful entity Limbonic Art. Since then a new album has been written and recorded. The band has re-signed with Nocturnal Art Prod/Candlelight Records, and the comeback album, "Legacy Of Evil", is set for release summer 2007. Limbonic Art strike back with full force, more intense and malevolent than ever. This is a well-crafted Black Metal massacre, with heart and soul!"

Band profile: Limbonic Art
Posted: 21.02.2007 by Soulreaper | Comments (13)

Satyricon - Info On The New Video

Satyricon posted the following message on official page:

"We spent the weekend shooting a new video for The Pentagram Burns with director Håvard Arnstad in Oslo, Norway. The video will be ready for viewing the first week of September here on this website, before it hits TV stations around the globe. Visually the video is strongly linked with the look and the style from the album cover, hence we find ourselves covered with minor burns all over bodies and it feels nothing but good. Stills from the video shoot will be posted here in a few days and in the meantime we would like to thank the director, the crew and the cast for the effort and the hard work you put down!"

Band profile: Satyricon
Posted: 16.08.2006 by Soulreaper | Comments (4)