Orphaned Land - Shuni Fortress gig details

"Over the weekend Orphaned Land played for over 1,000 people in a Shuni Fortress for over two and a half hours. They performed both an acoustic and an electric set, and played tracks from all three of their albums (track list below). The band was impressed to see the crowd respond overwhelmingly to tracks from their Century Media debut, 2004's "Mabool". Vocalist Kobi Farhi commented on their enthusiastic performance: "I was in ecstasy! I was singing the first half of the first song in the electric set, when I realized that the microphone was on the other side of the stage. I couldn't understand why I couldn't hear myself; it became the joke of the show . The crowed threw loads of candy at us (as Jewish usually do in Bar Mitzvah since it was Orphaned Land's Bar Mitzvah). In the acoustic set we were dressed in white clothing and then for the electric we changed into black, the switch of the vibes was so perfect!" The band brought along six female singers to perform the choral arrangements for "Building the Ark", a cellist, and other guest musicians. Pictures from the extended performance can be viewed here.

Acoustic Set:

01. Rainbow
02. The Evil Urge
03. Mercy
04. Medley: Aldiar Al Mukadisa, A'salk, Joy
05. The Beloved's Cry
06. Building The Ark
07. A Never Ending Way
08. El Meod Na'ala

Electric Set:

01. Mabool
02. Find Your Self, Discover God
03. Birth Of The Three
04. Seasons Unite
05. The Sahara's Storm
06. Ocean Land
07. Halo Dies
08. Of Temptation Born
09. Above You All
10. Norra El Norra
11. Kiss Of Babylon
12. Ornaments Of Gold"

Source: roadrun.com
Band profile: Orphaned Land
Posted: 20.10.2004 by janhuss

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