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Diablo vocalist/guitarist Rainer Nygård has posted the following update concerning the band's upcoming endeavours:

"Late autumn last year we thought that we needed some time off from rock 'n' roll business. It was a good choice because now that our mental and physical batteries are full again, it's easier to think about future. So in the beginning of this year we started to work with new material on a more serious basis. At the moment we've got enough ideas and material for me to say that we will release a new Diablo album in the future. Date is open of course but when the stars are on the right position we will inform you guys.

Most of the stuff is of course brand new but we will also give a shot for couple of strong older riff's which did not open in last producing sessions the way we wanted them to. At this point it's hard to say what the next album is going to be like, but fast enough for sure, ha ha! I also think that we use keyboards more open mindedly than in previous albums. Sounds a bit suspicious, eh? Don't worry, it will be still uncompromising heavy metal. I have some ideas about the "big theme" and graphics too. For me especially those two are the most important things in starting a new project seriously.

Last night I copied to this laptop all ideas related to lyrics and production etc. from my mobile. Suddenly I got a bad vibe that my phone might face an accident in the near future and I could end up loosing all ideas from 2007-2010. Some might say I am superstitious, eh!!??

We have promised to do only two gigs during the summer of 2010, and rest of the year is left open on purpose. If some interesting offers come in sigh, we might reconsider but otherwise we're concentrating on writing new material."

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Posted: 04.03.2010 by Bad English


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14.04.2010 - 03:46
Good to hear they're back at it

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