Juhani Palomäki, the main force behind Yearning and Colosseum has passed away last Saturday (May 15th) at age 32. The news was confirmed today by a source inside Kolony Records. Further details are not disclosed at the moment.

A Facebook memorial page has been created at this location.

In 1994, the Finnish atmospheric doom metal outfit Flegeton (later known as Yearning) was established by vocalist/guitarist Juhani Palomäki and drummer Toni Kristian. With their five studio albums the band received a lot of praise and recognition in the underground scene. Later, in 2006, Palomäki founded funeral doom act Colosseum, and released two albums. Both of them took the second spot in The Best Extreme Doom Metal Album category in the MS Awards 2007 and 2009. The band was currently in the studio working on a third album entitled Chapter 3: Parasomnia. The album will feature five lengthy epics and should be released in autumn through Firebox Records.

Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Yearning
Posted: 18.05.2010 by Thryce


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annodomini - 18.05.2010 at 16:47  
WTF? What is hapening? ;O

And I cant find what happened to him, maybe someone knows?
Deadsoulman - 18.05.2010 at 17:05  
Ok, May 2010 officially sucks.
Roro - 18.05.2010 at 17:10  
He died so young!
Dark Blood - 18.05.2010 at 17:14  
Definitely Collin. And seems there's no further info about this... No one knows the cause of his passing. The public I mean..
In Bone Factory - 18.05.2010 at 17:25  
Anyway.R.I.P. I've liked Colosseum. m/
BudDa - 18.05.2010 at 17:36  
Written by Deadsoulman on 18.05.2010 at 17:05

Ok, May 2010 officially sucks.

2010 officially sucks
Derwood - 18.05.2010 at 17:54  
Written by BudDa on 18.05.2010 at 17:36

Written by Deadsoulman on 18.05.2010 at 17:05

Ok, May 2010 officially sucks.

2010 officially sucks

Couldn't agree more.

RIP Juhani
farmakon - 18.05.2010 at 18:18  
This is very sad news for me... I like his music a lot.
silenius - 18.05.2010 at 18:35  
Well that sucks raging as, big fan of colosseum , gonna put all colosseum and dio songs on shuffle and get fucked up drunk!
Clintagräm - 18.05.2010 at 18:40  
No matter your popularity or impact a death in Metal is a loss for us all. Cheers, be at peace!
BitterCOld - 18.05.2010 at 18:56  
Wow more terrible news. was actually listening to Numquam last night before bed.
Troy Killjoy - 18.05.2010 at 19:36  
What?! This is horrible news. A great vocalist...
This is a big loss for metal, and more specifically for the funeral doom scene.
athena - 18.05.2010 at 20:16  
R.I.P. Juhani. He had a great voice.
Mr. Doctor - 18.05.2010 at 20:28  
Oh man!!! What the heck? 2010 is the worst year ever for metal musicians... If there is a god...his humor and taste are the worst. This is not fucking funny, God, do not fuck with my favorite genre!
A legend for heavy metal and a guy with impressive bands in my beloved doom metal. This fucking sucks guys.
RIP Juhani, Your music was wonderful and full of emotions...
This seems to be A year When The World Started To Weep...
White Winter Sun - 18.05.2010 at 20:57  
It's now official, May 2010 is a crappy month! For sure, Juhani Palomäki had definitely one of the most beautiful voices in doom metal. His tessitura was simply impressive. A big loss for metal. R.I.P. Juhani.
Doc Godin - 18.05.2010 at 21:22  
This sucks...was just starting to get into Colosseum. I imagine this is very sad news for all the doomsters out there.
PazuzuSKOM - 18.05.2010 at 21:37  
WTF ,, Why angel of DEATH is just focusing on Metal these days ,,, AWFUL MAY ,, the BLACK MAY ,, that wut this should be called .. R.I.P. Juhani
omjaimes - 18.05.2010 at 22:33  
Really sad new ...
Ag Fox - 18.05.2010 at 23:15  
Wth... I just ripped a Yearning album into my ipod to get into... I'm sad >:
-DC-002- - 19.05.2010 at 01:10  
Who will be next!?
Slyfang - 19.05.2010 at 01:33  
Written by -DC-002- on 19.05.2010 at 01:10

Who will be next!?

my money's on Jari Mäenpää

but it's not as if Time were coming out any faster while he's alive
Vitriolic Hate - 19.05.2010 at 02:15  
Elodie Artour - 19.05.2010 at 02:16  
Well... To be completely honest with you, guys, my first thought on his pic here (before I actually read what had happened) was: "What a handsome guy!" Afterwards, when I actually went through the news, it definitely made me sad. Neither had I heard about his bands, nor was I a fan of Dio, but still... Whenever an artist dies, it always makes me grieve because I appreciate such people in general. So, may Juhani Palomäki rest in peace! It seems like he indeed was an impressive vocal and songwriter. I also feel sorry for all those metalheads who are into both Dio and Juhani's acts. May 2010 really isn't going to be the best month of this year...
Daggon - 19.05.2010 at 02:23  
In my country, some people say that when an artist dies, he takes some other artist with him, who knows, I ain't superstitious, but maybe they are right, who knows?

Still this is a sad news, nice albums the ones he had with Colosseum, I like that stuff, I'll have to listen to Yearning but surely I'll find something good about them.

Some more doom for doomsters...
Elodie Artour - 19.05.2010 at 02:37  
@Daggon: Wow, that's an interesting belief... (Sorry for offtopic!)
Number Juan - 19.05.2010 at 03:55  
Damn. Metal is taking a pounding lately with all these deaths.
Black Conundrum - 19.05.2010 at 05:01  
That is sad. I was skeptical at first due to lack of information, and I did some regretful things as a result of this skepticism. They are things I don't want to go into detail about. It probably was some of that denial stuff too. I am convinced now, though. I haven't heard anything from the Colosseum project yet, but I really want to. But I am familiar with his project Yearning, which is a great band that gets my seal of approval. The age of 32 is a young time to die, and I wish him and his close associates the best. RIP Juhani Palomäki. He was indeed respectable.
LeChron James - 19.05.2010 at 10:37  
Fuckin weak. churrz to Juhani.

ß - 19.05.2010 at 22:40  
R.I.P Juhani. This is turning out to be quite the year for metal..
PrimalAntagonist - 15.12.2010 at 19:00  
Juhani Palomäki RIP

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