Lullacry - Taking A Fresh Start

Last Friday lead guitarist Sami Vauhkonen issued the following update on the whereabouts of Finnish metal band Lullacry:

"It's been a while since the last update from the Lullacry camp. After a hard and complicated fourth album we took some time off. In 2008 we were ready to record some new material, with a new interesting record deal with quite a big german label. Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Moonspell, Apocalyptica etc.) was going to be the producer for that album.

But then suddenly just before the studio, without any warning we lost the connection to the label. After a couple of months I read from the newspapers that they went bankrupt. Fuck that.

Now when I look back, I can say that it was a blessing in disguise. Compared to the new songs, the older material was not as good. It wasn't the right time I guess...

Now it's a fresh new start. I've written some killer songs and I must say that a new era of Lullacry has begun! We are currently recording a couple of those songs and we'll put them online as soon as possible. Stay tuned and rock with Lullacry!"

The band's latest output, Vol. 4, dates back from 2005. Lullacry are set to play some new tracks live at Dante's Highlight in Helsinki, on Saturday 24 July. The band is currently looking for a label.

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Posted: 09.06.2010 by Thryce


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09.06.2010 - 18:47
Great. Their last two albums are excellent, I'm waiting for the new one definitely.
09.06.2010 - 19:24
I wrote to Sami over the website... but got no response.
It's great to hear that they still up and running. Can't wait to hear something new from them !
10.06.2010 - 00:08
Black Conundrum
That "Taking a Fresh Start" title was pretty ambiguous, and I was wondering if they underwent a huge line-up change or something, which is not the case. It sucks about the bankruptcy of the label, but I guess that did suit them for the better, fortunately, according to what is stated above.
10.06.2010 - 03:25
Jason W.
Glad to see they are still active. It seems patience is the key with some of the Finns of bands like Lullacry, Charon, To/Die/For, as it's been several years since some good music for us all
"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley
10.06.2010 - 09:47
This is really cool. Just a couple of weeks ago I wondered what became of the band and didn't find much about their status. Figured they were either dead or lying low. Glad it's the latter.

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No foes who scorn my name
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No friends in my house on Mars
No foes in my house on Mars
I was born in my house on Mars
I will die in my house on Mars
-- Ayreon - My House on Mars
10.06.2010 - 09:48
Whoah, 5 years already? In my mind the last album came out just recently... Time sure flies.

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