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Whyzdom - Vocalist Leaves The Band, Seek Replacement

French metallers Whyzdom have issued the following update on their MySpace blog:

"Dear friends

We are very sad to announce that Telya recently decided to leave Whyzdom.

We want to thank Telya for all the great moments we shared. They will remain in our memories forever. We wish her an enormous success and we surely will have the pleasure to hear and see her again in other projects that will reveal her great talent.

Here is the message she wanted us to pass: "Dear all! All beautiful stories come to an end. The end of an adventure for me. I'm announcing that I decided to quit Whyzdom. The reasons that led me to this choice are both personal and artistic. The band project of Vynce was a fantastic experience from the artistic as well as human viewpoint. As a young singer, it allowed me to learn many things, to meet great people, to live magical instants on stage. However, all has not been simple and easy and I've come to a time when it's difficult for me to make concessions and to go against my own choices and my artistic will. I've always been honest with my convictions and with myself, so I don't cheat with what I feel. This decision has been made very carefully, and I hope you will understand it and take it as good as possible. It is necessary to allow me to go on an artistic way that fits me better and that will make me evolve at my own pace. I'll keep you informed with my future projects via my personel MySpace. Kisses from the deep of my heart and much more..."

Of course, Whyzdom is still alive and kicking! The band remains strong and united and ready to meet all the challenges we can find!

Firstly, the band will continue to perform live with a guest singer, until we'll be able to definitely announce the name of our new front woman. More info about our guest singer will follow in the next few days.

Secondly, the composition of our forthcoming album is almost done. 14 tracks have been under work for several monthes. 11 among them stand out, so we're already working on the arrangements. 1 or 2 more songs will also be recorded to be used as "bonus" or on a potential single. The visual concept is also under work in close collaboration with Les Creations Vultus, and we are already thinking about shooting a video clip with them. The album title should be announced in the next few weeks. Whyzdom should be entering the studio next December.

It will be:
- even more symphonic,
- even more epic,
- even more agressive,
- even more coherent!

Stay tuned!"

The band added: "Wherever you live in Europe... if you feel that Whyzdom music and concept can become part of your life, if you want to live your passion on stage - be it small or big, if you're ready to work hard as part of a team and not as a diva, if you're ready to come to Paris for rehearsal periods, the album recordings, photo shoots...

Send 2 mp3s, 3 or 4 photos to vynceleff [at] hotmail [dot] com (or give us a link to your MySpace profile if you have one), tell us about your past experiences, and about all your other artistic passions (instrument, theater, anything else...)

Don't worry if the extracts you have are not typically in the metal style. It's great if you have a celtic, soul or rock background... anything new is interesting and we are very open minded. And no problem if the technical quality of the recording is bad - even an cappella song recorded with your terrible PC microphone will do the trick.

We're eager to listen to you!


Band profile: Whyzdom
Posted: 28.06.2010 by White Winter Sun


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28.06.2010 - 00:26
Great news, the one thing i hated with this band was the vocals.
there is nothing left to die for...
28.06.2010 - 01:23
Jason W.
Well, I'm pleased I had the chance to see them live this past October with Telya singing, as it was the live experience that made the album so much better for me. It does seem that her departure will be good for both parties, so hopefully the new album and singer will be equally as interesting as she is and fit the direction the band needs to take to evolve. Best wishes for Telya's new projects in the future too
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28.06.2010 - 14:08
LeChron James
Hahahahha a band working towards greater coherence. niiiiice
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28.06.2010 - 21:12
The Shape 1973
That's a real shame, I like the fact that her vocals were quite raw. Not the usual over produced poppy stuff that you usually get in this genre.

I hope that they don't get some "good looks over talent" bimbo just to get the exposure.

Maybe Floor Jensen, as Revamp seems to be a pile of poo.
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01.07.2010 - 09:03
They are still new

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