Ulver - New Album Planned For 2011

Ulver has issued the following band update on their MySpace site:

"Ok, so now we have been on the road, and it has been rewarding, all fear and loathing considered. We are a domestic pack these days. The children miss their parents and we miss them. So. We have decided to limit next year's touring to two shorter blocks, one before and one after summer, plus an odd festival here and there. We would also very much like to make a few apperances overseas.

2011 is the future, a Critical Geography, the new album of Ulver. The anthological presentation we've been hiding behind since Lillehammer is history after Warsaw.

We are stoked to say that our blood-brothers Virus have accepted the offer to play their debut concert with us at London-palace Koko, as a kick-off spectacular. This is Virus' Lillehammer, and they are a bit apprehensive. We are certain though, that if you show them the same courtesy that you showed us, this will be one to remember.

An announcement from the band: "Apprehensive is not the word. Plain terrified, is more like it. We used to feel safe and sound inside our little bubble, being a non-live band, barely daring to release albums. We've gotten tons of propositions over the years, but when Ulver approached us it all seemed to fall right into place, to create the best possible condition for both us and our fans to finally do this thing. We couldn't think of a better way of taking that next step - bringing our mischief to the stage - than under the wings of our friends, who've been in the exact same spot we are now."

The Koko gig will be a further reunion of the old-school rebels, in that our red-bearded buddy Zweizz will be opening the ball. He will also be travelling with us to a quite a few of the other venues announced. See you in the wild."

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Posted: 28.11.2010 by Jiri


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28.11.2010 - 18:09
Good luck to Virus then. Never heard such a fuss about doing a show, but I understand it might be a little nerve-wracking to perform your songs in front of people if you've spent years only committing them to record. Wonder what Ulver will get up to on the upcoming album, sounds like a proggy sort of a title.
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28.11.2010 - 23:06
If I didn't post this, I'd be like "Oh my god, Ulver is preparing an album next year! Yes!!! I love this band beyond words! Oh my god! (has orgasm)". But, unfortunately I knew this news was coming because I posted it. Tisk, tisk.
04.12.2010 - 06:55
Their new album is going to be incredible. Shadows of the Sun is such a massive album, I'm excited to see what will follow it.
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