Windir - DVD To Be Release

After the tragic death of Windir frontman and founder Valfar in January 2004, the rest of the band decided to bury Windir with Valfar. But after encouragement from Valfar's family, the remaining members decided to do one last Windir concert. The concert took place at Rockefeller auditorium in Oslo at the 3th of September 2004, which is the day that would have been Valfar's 26th birthday. Rockefeller was sold out, and over 1200 people took a final Farwell with Windir.

This DVD contains the complete Windir concert from the 3rd of September 2004. Windir guitarist Sture did most of the vocals at this concert, but it also includes guest vocals from Cosmocrator(Mindginder) and Valfar's brother Vegard.

Besides the last concert, the DVD includes Windir liveclips from Gaupne(1996), Sogndal(2001&2) and the Infernofestival in Oslo 2002 to name a few.

It also includes some backstage material, an interview with Valfar from Norwegian national TV and a photo gallery. Vreid guitarist Ese has produced the DVD at Hváll's Studio 1184 this autumn. The Windir DVD is entitled "SognaMetal" and will be available through Tabu Recordings in February 2005.

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Posted: 27.12.2004 by Metalforthespirit

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