Dani Filth - Suffolk's Greatest Icon

Choose Suffolk over the last months have been carrying out an open poll to allow people to vote for an image which is most iconic of the easterly county of Suffolk. The winning image was to be used to advertise the county as an attractive destination to visit.

An image of Suffolk resident Dani Filth from the county's most notorious band Cradle Of Filth turned out to be the winner, with a total number of 13,025 votes. A picture of an old swimming pool came second with a tiny 2,055 votes in comparison.

Choose Suffolk have unfortunately disregarded the support for the funny-looking man and have ignored the result in favour of a new short-list of images to choose from.

A spokesperson for the website apparently stated that the judges were "looking for icons which had a wider currency outside the borders of Suffolk", which apparently Cradle Of Filth don't have.

Still, you can vote for your favourite non-Filthy, Suffolky picture here.

Source: telegraph.co.uk
Band profile: Cradle Of Filth
Posted: 05.01.2011 by Baz Anderson

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07.01.2011 - 08:39
Written by The Shape 1973 on 05.01.2011 at 22:18

I go to Suffolk quite a lot, it would be brilliant to have a big sign of Dani on the A14 saying "Welcome To Suffolk, Abandon Hope All Who Enter".

Having him opening a village fate, then sacrificing the prize winning cow or shagging the Miss Suffolk winner. Chasing the old ladies on their mobility scooters in a combine harvester whilst singing Gilded Cunt.

Freeze! Step away from the hubris.

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