Kiuas - New Line-Up Announced

Guitarist Mikko Salovaara of Finnish power metal band Kiuas has issued the following update on the recent line-up changes:

"As our loyal followers (that's you!) are well aware, vocalist Ilja Jalkanen left the band to pursue other interests. However, it is not only Ilja who has been pondering the balance between Kiuas and other areas in their lives. Markku Näreneva (drums) duties as a parent and medical doctor have grown to the point where it is impossible for him to continue giving his total dedication to the band. Atte Tanskanen has found his passion with flying and after graduating from the Finnish Aviation Academy he has spent most of his time in the mile high club (and steering the aircraft as well every now and then).

As for the new members... Our new official keyboard player Jari Pailamo (ex-Twilight Guardians) has already played over 30 gigs with Kiuas and has practically been a sixth member of the band since the New Dark Age Tour in 2008, standing in for Atte when he was busy soaring the skies. Jari is a virtuoso player with a history of professional musicianship behind him and his knowledge and expertise is so extensive that he has been used as a consultant in the studio for the likes of Lordi.

The new vocalist Asim Searah is a young gem luckily discovered by a certain bald guitar player and has already displayed his talents with Kiuas on four gigs. Asim's clean and powerful vocal range can easily cover the world's metal and hard rock repertoire and he can shift convincingly from classic Dio-esque melodies to brutal death growls. He is also a competent guitar player and thus future shows will partly feature some serious twin guitar bombardment!

The new drummer, Rainer "Raikku" Tuomikanto (ex-Causemos, ex-In Silentio Noctis) is a well-known figure in the Finnish metal scene, an artist and a technical phenomenon in the highest league. He has performed on dozens of records and toured with many finnish bands and has now finally found his right place with Kiuas."

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Posted: 19.02.2011 by Zmaj Ognjeni Vuk


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19.02.2011 - 20:31
Well this sux. I can understand the singers position on wanting a hard rock scene for a while, but the guitarist and drummer, wth? Anyways, i guess its done and we all just gotta wait and see how good it turns out...
19.02.2011 - 22:52
Account deleted
Let's see what they got to offer...wish them all the best
20.02.2011 - 10:32
2005-2010 was a great era for Kiuas and Lustdriven is an amazing album but at least it is nice to see changes happening to keep the thing fresh. I wish all the best to the ex-Kiuas memebers as well as the new ones.
At least this certain bald guitar player is still in and leading the show.
22.02.2011 - 08:03
This sounds very promising, hopefully more songs about kicking ass in the future.
- Wrainth

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