Nevermore - Jeff Loomis And Van Williams Leave The Band

Guitarist Jeff Loomis and drummer Van Williams have announced their departure from Seattle-based progressive thrashers Nevermore. The following announcement was posted on the band's Myspace page:

"In a mutual decision Jeff Loomis and Van Williams have decided to leave Nevermore. The time has come to pursue our own paths from the group. Due to internal struggles and ongoing issues within the band, we feel it is our time to move on. We would like to thank all of our fans around the world for their years of love, support and enthusiasm. This was not an easy decision but a very necessary one at this point, may we all meet again someday, somewhere in time."

Loomis and Williams had been with Nevermore since the band's first album, the self-titled Nevermore from 1995. Nevermore recently announced that they would be cancelling their planned tour with Symphony X. No information regarding additional confirmed tour dates is known at this time.

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Posted: 21.04.2011 by Collin

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22.04.2011 - 17:14
This is a sad day indeed.
22.04.2011 - 18:09
The Voyager
The Table
Written by Jeff on 22.04.2011 at 15:33

RIP Nevermore

Indeed. Considering the fact that Loomis writes almost all of the music, even if they do go on, it will not be the Nevermore we know now. This is a sad day for me.
22.04.2011 - 18:25
a MasT
Well at least we know loomis will continue in some form or another. \m/
22.04.2011 - 19:04
Too bad !!
22.04.2011 - 19:19
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Wow. That's pretty huge. Hopefully they'll break up...
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
22.04.2011 - 22:40
Evil Chip
Really sad... I don't think they will recover from this, in fact they will not recover from this. Loomis was the compositive force behind all the music. I hope they fill with some good compositor. At least Warrel is still in the band to provide with his unique voice and great lyrics. Sad day.
22.04.2011 - 23:08
That is unexpected news, I will however follow whatever projects Jeff undertakes, and definitely if he puts out more instrumentals like Zero Order Phase.
23.04.2011 - 23:24
Donnie Darko
24.04.2011 - 01:28
That is huge, and it comes in the midst of several key members leaving their respective bands. Oy vey.
24.04.2011 - 15:53
Dark Blood
The Avenger
Kamelot and Nevermore are ruined now...?
It is humanity who must pay homage to the greatness of the Universe... not the Universe to the human narcissism.
24.04.2011 - 21:38
Nevermore is dead :/
25.04.2011 - 03:13
WTF !!!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. Nevermore. Jeff is one hell of a guitarist, made many others look and sound second rate. And I was excited to see him live on June 10th in Melbourne.
25.04.2011 - 16:12
25.04.2011 - 17:15
Jeff Loomis IS Nevermore (or was), Van was also a huge influence on the band sound too. Nevermore is finnished, even if they hire Chris Brodderick, no guitarist will ever replace Jeff.
I feel really bad for never seeing them live
The only way to learn is be aware and hold on tight...
01.05.2011 - 16:02
Angelic Storm
I don't really see how Nevermore can continue without Jeff Loomis. Although Steve Smyth proved that other members aside from him could contribute some amazing songs for the band. Had Steve still been in Nevermore, I don't think this would be have been quite the severe blow to the band that it is. It's going to be interesting to see if they continue or not. They're going to have pull off a Houdini though if they're going to continue and still remain as great as before. lol
01.05.2011 - 18:15
Night Sight
Nevermore is dead without loomis and williams
Alone in birth
Alone in the darkness
Alone in death
Alone in the daylight
02.05.2011 - 23:45
Absolutely fucking devastated
03.06.2011 - 06:38
Oscar Garcia
Nononnononononononononono jeff please don´t go nooooooooooooooooooooooooo maldita sea
30.06.2011 - 07:11
Just read this news. What a shame. I haven't followed the band for years but I was a huge fan. I can't seem them moving on without Loomis and Williams, but especially Loomis. He was the backbone for their sound. Time to move on.
11.07.2011 - 21:56
Buried Dreamer
Warrel Dane and Jim Sheppard are enough to continue. Jeff Loomis is just being emo. Sanctuary kick asses and Nevermore do that as well. Perhaps the guitars will never be the same, but Loomis is not actually necessary.

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