Italy's brutal horde, Fleshgod Apocalypse, has revealed the cover art for the band's Nuclear Blast Records debut Agony, due on August 9th.

Marco Hasmann, who worked with the band on the previous releases, Mafia and Oracles, crafted the record's intricate cover design.

The band comments: "The album cover is about the eternal struggle of mankind; we're condemned to live facing our evil side, which dwells in every one of us. We are like tied to the ground, forced in chains that can't be broken, so the man in the cover is representing all humanity and its eternal agony, knowing that it's almost impossible to liberate ourselves from the obscurity of our nature. Unless we decide to admit to ourselves who we are and face our doom, that would be the only way to free our kind and rise to an higher conscience, someday."

Agony tracklist:

01. Temptation
02. The Hypocrisy
03. The Imposition
04. The Deceit
05. The Violation
06. The Egoism
07. The Betrayal
08. The Forsaking
09. The Oppression
10. Agony

Band profile: Fleshgod Apocalypse
Posted: 24.06.2011 by Thryce


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BudDa - 24.06.2011 at 11:17  
The Hypocrisy, Imposition, Deceit, Violation,!
I like the artwork though
Qube - 24.06.2011 at 11:17  
I'm counting the days
Ag Fox - 24.06.2011 at 11:41  
Sounds like they are trying to preach Buddhism :3
not that I have a problem with that (=
R.I.Pdeadlegends - 24.06.2011 at 12:05  
Bring it on !!
Mixhell - 24.06.2011 at 12:51  
Kass - 24.06.2011 at 12:55  
Oh man sounds good
Absak - 24.06.2011 at 13:14  
Disappointed that they didn't use the awesome logo. Cover art is alright I guess, last two were better IMO.
Pyramid God - 24.06.2011 at 14:57  
Looks like a concept album to me, my bloody favorite.
malaikat - 24.06.2011 at 15:48  
The cover is very... nuclearblast-ish
Troy Killjoy - 24.06.2011 at 20:23  
This can't come fast enough.


psykometal - 24.06.2011 at 20:50  
Man I can't wait! Counting the days as well. Yea I agree with MetalTaavi I don't like the new font type, original was way better, too plain and normal and not very representative of the brutality and technical complexity that Fleshgod Apocalypse is known for. I like the cover art though and think that the concept of it is very intriguing but do prefer the more majestic nature of the last 2 album covers, can't wait to hear the music though. Hopefully the change in logo type and cover art ideology is not reflective of a change in musical direction.
emman1m1 - 25.06.2011 at 00:07  
Fantastic band, let's see what they make this time, I'm shure that it will be brutal \,,/
But I'm sad that they changed the logo, it was a really awesome one, this logo its just a regular logo that takes out a important part of the band impression and singularity.
Still a fan, and waiting for the realease!
Pétur - 25.06.2011 at 04:41  
The Pretentious

Never liked Death Metal that much, but looks quite quirky enough for a listen, I will check it out.
Destructo - 25.06.2011 at 05:40  
Okay cover. Nothing impressive. And ya, the old logo was waaaay better. But I'm sure FA will release a killer and mind-numbing record. Waiting.....
(((O))) - 25.06.2011 at 15:07  
Ugly cover art and a new boring logo but the music will probably be awesome.
Stigmatized - 25.06.2011 at 15:29  
Hard to think the same guy did the first two covers and this one. "Oracles" has an awesome cover, and "Mafia" was a lot more intricate IMO. Ready to hear this album though.
JCJen7 - 26.06.2011 at 00:22  
Can't fuckin wait. I don't really like the album cover, I liked the kinda abstract randomness of Oracles and Mafia EP, but whatever, I am pretty sure this will kick equal amounts of ass
Uldreth - 26.06.2011 at 11:10  
Imo the cover sucks when compared to the octopus awesomeness of Mafia but its not that bad. I dislike the fact that they abandoned the logo. In my experience, many bands who did that often set off on a path of deterioration (though I can say counterexamples). I DEARLY hope Nuclear Blast didnt fuck about their music and the album will be awesome.

I like the song titles though.
raul m - 26.06.2011 at 16:49  
a MasT - 26.06.2011 at 20:54  
Temptation is a Cradle of Filth cover and is that guy naked? they have a cover with a naked guy.
Deadmeat - 26.06.2011 at 21:27  
He looks like the GOLUM!
vivialeza - 27.06.2011 at 13:40  
Can't wait for the album
raul m - 27.06.2011 at 18:04  
Written by a MasT on 26.06.2011 at 20:54

Temptation is a Cradle of Filth cover and is that guy naked? they have a cover with a naked guy.

what the fuck is your source on that apart from "lol they once had a song named temptation"
a MasT - 27.06.2011 at 20:33  
Written by raul m on 27.06.2011 at 18:04

Written by a MasT on 26.06.2011 at 20:54

Temptation is a Cradle of Filth cover and is that guy naked? they have a cover with a naked guy.

what the fuck is your source on that apart from "lol they once had a song named temptation"

hahahaha thats my only source exactly, just kiddin I doubt they commited career suicide and covered a cradle song
BurbotsRevenge - 29.06.2011 at 05:00  
The artwork is really average imo, and the new logo is terrible, the old one was wayyy better. nevertheless, im still really looking forward to this release
Jon - 29.06.2011 at 09:08  
The Cradle of Filth song itself was a Heaven 17 cover kids. A bloody awful cover of a bloody awful song.

Isn't it interesting how metal fans' stomachs turn these days when bands they like join Nuclear Blast..
Koen Smits - 29.06.2011 at 22:16  
Sorry, don't like the cover or the logo.
Their old logo wasn't fantastic either, but way better than this one.
Daggon - 01.07.2011 at 08:38  
I'm expecting this album a lot, the "Mafia" EP was wonderful, so I'm waiting for a killer release. The cover is decent, but I kinda miss their previous band logo.

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