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"Omega Wave", the brand-new video from Bay Area thrashers Forbidden can now be seen in the YouTube-video below. The video for "Omega Wave" was created by SchneppZone video director Jon Schnepp of Metalocalypse fame.

"Omega Wave" is the title track of the band's latest studio album, which was released last year on Nuclear Blast Records.

On working with Schnepp, Forbidden guitarist and founding member Craig Locicero had this to say:

"Forbidden never got to make a proper video in the past. Sure, we'd made a couple below average ones over our first 10 years of our history, but never anything we were very proud of. When we finally recorded Omega Wave after a 14 year break between records, we knew it HAD to be something special. So making the correct choice of director was very important. When Jon Schepp's name came up at [label manager] Gerardo Martinez's suggestion, I thought it was perfect. Jon's our man! Luckily he said yes."

Most people know Jon from the Metalocalypse series and Exodus videos. Being the Cartoon Network fan that I am, I was aware of his work on Space Ghost: Coast To Coast, The Venture Brothers, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. All appealing to me and my warped sense of humor. And I obviously love what he did with the Exodus's "Riot Act" video. All good stuff for different reasons and he's obviously good with effects."

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Posted: 09.08.2011 by Panzerchrist


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09.08.2011 - 23:24
Angelic Storm
Awesome song, definitely one of the many great songs from the latest album! xD That video could give some people seizures though I think...
09.08.2011 - 23:24
Skip the first 45 seconds and it's a pretty good track. Not fond of the video though. The choice of colors kinda makes me think of grunge for some reason
09.08.2011 - 23:45
Yeah the song itself is good. Only thing that bothers me is the effect used on vocals and that's on whole album. Doesn't fit to thrash very well IMO. I find the video totally unnecessary tho for a band like Forbidden. They don't need a video ! Everybody who wants to know, knows them and what to expect from them already and Omega Wave is a good album on todays standards (production sucks but that's a common thing these days ).
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10.08.2011 - 17:59
Very good stuff from the group (as somewhat expected). Typical of most modern thrash songs from veteran bands (beefy, relatively heavy guitars, technical-refined drumming and slightly coarse vocals). It's gotta good ryhthm and feels like all of their energy is let out in well-structured patterns. I gave it a listen a few months ago and is only coming to me know how good an LP it is.

Video-wise, it's not great but it's not that important for a band of this caliber to begin with.
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