Waylander - Big Update From The Band

The following statement was posted on the Waylander website:

"Waylander have not rehearsed as a full band since before the recording of a 2 song promo in October. Dissatisfaction with the end result led to the decision to remove Gaz from the drum stool. We appreciate his efforts, considering he is really a bassist.

We needed a drummer who could play Waylander songs naturally so we asked original Waylander member, Den Ferran to resume his rightful place and he gleefully accepted.

It came as no surprise when disaster struck, with Fearghal Duffy resigning due to medical reasons. Fearghal had trouble with his hands, leading to tendonitis and arthritis, rendering guitar playing practically impossible. Waylander.s thoughts are with him.

A few weeks later, long term bassist Michael Proctor resigned due to complete disillusionment with being in a band, playing music etc.

Obviously, the 3 remaining members are reeling from this and the existence of Waylander has been seriously brought into question.

We will convene again in March and begin 2 months of auditions. So, Waylander once again, require members, a bassist and guitarist. A knowledge of folk music [esp. guitar] is desired as well as a grasp of what Waylander are all about. Commitment and decent equipment an absolute must. 21+ if possible.

We're not looking for Steve Vai here, just someone motivated to write music and contribute to a band environment.

The timing has been terrible as we now have to withdraw from the Skyforger tour, not to mention, turning down a French tour and keeping the several interested Record labels at arm's length for the time being.

We will search for and audition members until mid May. If the vacant positions are not filled by that stage, we will prepare a set for Day of Darkness which may very well be Waylander's farewell performance.

So, we need musicians, if anyone knows anyone suitable e-mail Ardchieftain667@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you for your time."


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Posted: 03.03.2005 by Metalforthespirit

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