Destroyers Of The Faith 2012 - Line-Up And Dates Announced

Official press release

Metal Hammer is proud to announce that legendary death metal innovators Cannibal Corpse will headline the first-ever edition of Destroyers Of The Faith, and will be bringing with them some of the biggest names in extreme music.

CC drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz says: "Just being a part of such a killer package and having these bands on there… It's gonna be an exciting time and a great tour for the UK. I hope all the fans are really pumped for this one, because we definitely are! This is the first time that this is happening in the UK, and it's very exciting."

Joining the New York titans of gore on this history-making trek will be none other than bowel-exploding doom metal kings Triptykon, spearheaded by seminal extreme metal icon Tom G. Warrior of Celtic Frost and Hellhammer fame. And, as if that wasn't enough, both bands will also be joined by veteran Norwegian progressive black metallers Enslaved and rising Arizona death metal favourites, Job For A Cowboy.

JFAC frontman Jonny Davy adds: "It's the perfect tour! We still feel like we have a lot to prove, and this is the perfect tour to get in everyone's faces."

07.03 - Bristol - O2 Academy (Tickets)
08.03 - Glasgow - O2 ABC (Tickets)
09.03 - Manchester - Academy (Tickets)
10.03 - London - HMV Forum (Tickets)
11.03 - Birmingham - HMV Institute (Tickets)

Event: Destroyers Of The Faith
Posted: 17.10.2011 by Panzerchrist


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17.10.2011 - 20:03
Angelic Storm
CC are always amazing live, I really need to catch this show! xD
17.10.2011 - 21:00
Baz Anderson
Really cool tour, just a shame all the dates are a long way from here.
17.10.2011 - 21:05
a MasT
Cc AND trip but across the ocean from here
18.10.2011 - 01:42
Great lineup (well, maybe not for the blowjob dudes )... makes a cool contrast with the Defenders of the Faith tour
18.10.2011 - 03:11
A staff guy...
Well I was excited until I opened up to see it's a UK tour and Triptykon and JFAC which are 2 bands I really don't care about. Kind of a let down with a tour titled Destroyers of the Faith imo, I would've expected to see more outspokenly blasphemous black and death metal bands like Gorgoroth and Marduk or Deicide and Krisiun on this bill...
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18.10.2011 - 03:17
Troy Killjoy
I wouldn't even go if I won a VIP pass.
Prettier than BloodTears.
18.10.2011 - 15:48
Great line-up minus JFAC. Might have to make the Manchester show.
18.10.2011 - 15:49
Angelic Storm
JFAC have the dubious distinction of being the only band I've ever fallen asleep to during their set!
18.10.2011 - 15:52
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
Written by Angelic Storm on 18.10.2011 at 15:49

JFAC have the dubious distinction of being the only band I've ever fallen asleep to during their set!

I fell asleep to Marduk standing up and also to Devin Towsend.
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18.10.2011 - 16:01
Angelic Storm
Written by Marcel Hubregtse on 18.10.2011 at 15:52
I fell asleep to Marduk standing up and also to Devin Towsend.

I think there is 1 or 2 other bands that I have fallen asleep to, but it was too long ago, and the bands were too crappy for me to remember who they were.

I saw Megadeth about 3 years ago, and Evile were meant to be there, but they had problems with their bus so couldn't make it to the venue. Leaving JFAC as the only support... who were absolutely awful, and I fell asleep about 2 songs into their set.
18.10.2011 - 23:13
Cannibal Corpse: Awesome live
Triptykon: Awesome live but doesn't fit with CC
Enslaved: Awesome live fits with Triptykon but not with CC
Job For a Cowboy: Boring and overrated band.

Well, the line-up contains 3 good live acts on 4, but they do not fit all together. I would go to this concert, drink and watch the merch during JFC and headbang at various speed levels during the rest...But, only if I lived in england...

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