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Leaders of the extreme, genre founders and one of the hardest working/touring bands out there, legendary Napalm Death, are currently giving the final touch to their 14th studio album (excluding the cover album Leaders Not Followers). The new piece of brutality is named Utilitarian and hits stores on February 27th (USA February 28th) 2012, via the band's long time partner Century Media Records. The cover artwork perfectly fits the album theme and was done by the Danish artist Frode Sylthe, who also signed responsible for The Haunted's amazing Revolver artwork.

Singer Mark "Barney" Greenway explains about the album title and concept: "After some deliberation, we have decided on Utilitarian as the album title. We generally try to avoid generic titles, and this seemed to have a lot of scope to it. I won't explain the full meaning of Utilitarianism here because it's an ethical theory, and as ethical theories go, the depth and debate around it is quite heavy at times. It has a certain "morality" aspect to it and that isn't something that drives me, so I also certainly have issues with it. So, rather than just nail that straight to the mast, of course we wanted to put our own spin on it by suggesting that those (i.e. the utilitarian in us, perhaps) who try to challenge everything, or fight against conventions, well, we go through periods of real self-doubt where we wonder if we're really making a difference. I suppose the conclusion is that, for the sake of all our freedoms, you should never stop, as even the feeling of resistance is at least a signal to those who would like to entirely control and dominate us - meaning everything from our instinctive behavior to our human entitlement to walk the earth unprovoked. Regarding the album overall, the final creases should be ironed out fairly soon, and immediately after that we thought it would be good to top it off with a few UK dates. We've been playing one new song ("Quarantined") out on a tour of Canada and it's been well received, so we hope to perhaps throw in another one for now. Either way, we'll be bouncing off the walls again near you very soon. Cheers all."

Napalm Death are already confirmed for the 2012 Wacken Open Air, Hellfest, Maryland Deathfest and many more. If you are an UK citizen, make sure to catch them on their year closing run in November/December and witness some of the new material live!

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Posted: 05.11.2011 by White Winter Sun


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05.11.2011 - 10:29
Black Conundrum
I love the cover. Napalm Death is a good band, and the upcoming album seems interesting.
05.11.2011 - 11:02
I like the cover a lot.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.
05.11.2011 - 13:14
Really cool cover. It reminds me of their first albums.
05.11.2011 - 13:59
Account deleted
Very punky cover. Good news anyway, Napalm Death haven't made a bad one in a while.
05.11.2011 - 15:09
Nice, now 2012 looks sound more interesting as an APOCALYPSE year ..
05.11.2011 - 17:15
Great band, look forward to this album. Gutted that I'll miss them on their next UK Tour. They're playing 02 Academy in Sheffield the same night as Def Leppard & Motley Crue are playing Sheffield Arena! Already have my ticket for the latter, plus I've seen Napalm Death once before.
05.11.2011 - 18:20
Angelic Storm
The cover's awesome, it's very Napalm Death-esque, yet slightly modern...

They've never made a bad album, so this one should be great!
05.11.2011 - 20:15
Mr. Doctor
Good news, lately Napalm Death has done some pretty strong albums so I have faith on this one as well
And yes... The cover is very nice.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29
Like you could kiss my ass
Written by Milena on 20.06.2012 at 10:49
Rod, let me love you.
05.11.2011 - 20:15
a MasT
Agreed sweet cover!
05.11.2011 - 22:42
Troy Killjoy
Tl;dr new album, do want
Prettier than BloodTears.
05.11.2011 - 22:50
Account deleted
Love the punky monkey cover.
05.11.2011 - 23:23
White Winter Sun
Laboratory's Rat
Really good cover indeed. Also one more album placed on my whishlist.

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