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Mortiis - News & Updates

New Video:
"Mortiis recently finished the video for the upcoming single "Decadent & Desperate" and should probably surprise a few peope (again) "I think some of the things going on in there will be new to a lot of people, coming from us, and it was very new to me to, and i´m excited as well as a bit anxious about" Mortiis says".

Decadent & Desperate Single News:
"Decadent & Desperate" will be released in April, to coincide with the UK tour, and will be released in various formats (more details soon) and contains remixes made by Mortiis, a brand new song titled "Underdog" and obviously the title track. "i´m really into those remixes, they´re better than the last ones i feel, and I also like the new song alot, it´s a bit different from the album, more direct and to the point somehow"."

DVD on the way:
"Mortiis says "We´re working on the live DVD right now, it was shot last year, it was mixed when we did the single, and we´re currently looking at what sort of bonus material we´ll get to put in there, which is a bit down to the label really, but i´m hoping to get a lot of cool stuff in there, like older videos and so on"."

Posted: 14.03.2005 by janhuss

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