ECJ Case/No Future for Metal Music in Europe?

ECJ Case/ No Future for Metal Music in Europe?
Two days ago, the European Court of Justice (CEJ), the highest court in Europe, gave a landmark decision, with consequences hard to envisage: at the request of the European Commission, in a legal action directed against the "European Federation of Dead and Black Metal Music Federation", based in the Isle of an (UK), the Court held it is proportionate and desirable to limit the access of the youngest generations to, as it was called, the "disruptive" music, invoking an old legal act, Regulation (EEC) no. 666/1966 regarding the use and selling of "some disruptive artistic products". Interesting enough, the Regulation was never used or invoked until these days, even if it was originally directed against hippie, blues & rock music.
More concrete, the Court held it is forbidden for music shops to sell or even display any record on any support (CD, cassette, vinyl etc.), to persons below 25 years, under a heavy fine, up to 5 millions euros.
So, according to a source, the future of metal music in Europe is even more uncertain in the present conditions.
Only the Swedish government, represented at the hearings, opposed to the solution, mentioning that, by adopting such a decision, it would cause damages of around 7,5 million k.

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Posted: 01.04.2005 by janhuss

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