Mourning Dawn - Working On New Album

French black/doom metal band Mourning Dawn is currently working on 8-9 songs which will make up their upcoming album scheduled to be released at a later date. The band posted the following on their Facebook page: "As some of you may know, we are just fucking late due to various reasons. Truth is we had to face some internal problems we are trying to solve right now."

"You know, it can be really tiring to handle a band like this one when people don't really feel like it, and you have to work 50 hours/week, only for the passion of it. Worse, the actual musical business is just totally falling down. Labels don't sign any new bands (by the way, are they still useful?) Everything's changing these days, and I feel like an old dinosaur still buying CDs and stuff..."

"Question would be then: what should we do? Is music free? If you want to get a chance for your band to grow, do we have to suck some dicks to get gigs? Do we have to spam the whole web for us to be known? Do we have to pay for everything for our album to be released? Furthermore, is music condemned to be out of the physical world and have to stay in that digital prison?"

"Anyway, we hope to have pre-production songs ready in the next weeks. There will be like 8-9 songs, which means way more songs than expected for one album."

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Posted: 16.01.2012 by BudDa


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16.01.2012 - 11:44
Troy Killjoy
For the Fallen is one of my favorite 2009 releases. Hopefully they come up with something just as great.

I mean how do you not like this.
Prettier than BloodTears.
18.01.2012 - 04:18
Black Conundrum
They definitely got philosophical with this update, with the way they commented on the music business and their membership thereof. I understand what he's saying when he feels like a dinosaur by still buying CDs. I still buy CDs too. I trust that CDs will still be relvant for a long time to come, because there will always be people wanting the physical representation in their hands, such as myself.

This band is pretty good, by the way. I'm looking forward to this album of theirs.

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