Seven Witches - Frost's Update About Rivera Depart

Jack Frost posted the following message on the Seven Witches' site concerning the Rivera's departure:

"Jack here,

By now all of you know that James has left the band. First I want to say it was an honor and privilege to work and tour with him. As a lot of you will agree and already know, He's a killer front man and a man of great talent. Unfortunately the only constant in the universe is change. To those of you who see fit to hurl ignorant comments and insults about James and I on the message boards of the world, you don't know the whole story, nor will you ever. This situation is of a personal and business nature and I won't lower myself into an Internet or press fueled pissing match over something I consider to be a private matter between two professionals. And second, get a life. James and I are very proud of what we did as a team, and if any of you who are posting negative comments or insults on the message boards about either one of us can do better, go for it. James and I have nothing bad to say about each other. He was offered a cool gig and went for it. James and I will always be bros. I'm looking forward to hearing his new project, as I know it will kill.

As for Witches, I been threw the war with this band and I've just begun to fight. I know a lot of you are always commenting how the line up keeps changing, and that I must be the problem as I'm the only constant in the band. If wanting to make quality albums at any cost, personal or otherwise, for my fans, even changing the line up occasionally, then yes, I'm the problem. The new record will shut a lot of mouths. We have a few guys we really like who are involved with the latest project and time will tell. In closing, James, I again wish you the stars brother. He's worked hard and I hope he gets what he wants. As Diamond Dave said "Be happy, good press or bad, at least they're talking about yah." So thanks for sitting there trashing me at that time I was working on my records, not wishing I could have a deal."

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Posted: 28.04.2005 by Metalforthespirit

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