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"Phantom Antichrist", the brand new single from German thrashers Kreator is now available for streaming and viewing on the lyric video below. The song is taken from the band's upcoming album Phantom Antichrist, due out on June 1st in Europe and June 5th in North America through Nuclear Blast Records, and it was released as a single on April 20th. More album details here.

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Posted: 26.04.2012 by BudDa


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26.04.2012 - 12:13
Angelic Storm
Awesome song, and I love the lyrics! The only thing I don't like, is the great riff at the beginning of the song is never played again in full after the start...
26.04.2012 - 15:39
Yeah I spotted a couple of filler riffs here and there too but not a big deal. In overall nice song. Somehow I don't like the guitar tone that much but I guess that's just a common thing for me with the albums these days.
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26.04.2012 - 15:49
Scuzzy McDouche
Yeah man...really good stuff here, this jams. Kreator delivers once again...they have been very consistent since Violent Revolution. I look forward to hearing the whole album.
26.04.2012 - 16:58
Damn, that was good Looking forward to this album!!!
26.04.2012 - 16:59
So far so good...the cover art is great, this song is pretty good too, the expectations for the album are pretty high...let's just hope the end product is just as good
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26.04.2012 - 17:01
Fuckin' great song, after Violent Revolution Kreator is getting closer to his old fuckin' brutal sound. This will be a great album!
"Bang you head against the stage and metal takes its place..."
26.04.2012 - 17:56
Dark Blood
The Avenger
Heard this yesterday and I thought it was pretty awesome too. High expectations for another great Kreator album.
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26.04.2012 - 22:50
Troy Killjoy
Really not a fan of the chorus-style vocals but the riffing is solid, straightforward in-your-face stuff and the energy level is some of the highest you can expect from a post-2000 thrash track.
Prettier than BloodTears.
27.04.2012 - 08:27
Cynic Metalhead
Atrocious Virgin
Weeeee pretty good song. 2.07 to 2.30 attracted me the most.
28.04.2012 - 00:21
Very nice.
28.04.2012 - 05:51
These "lyric videos" are becoming quite irksome.
01.05.2012 - 09:28
05.05.2012 - 21:08
Very good song. Vocals are definitely better than on "Hordes Of Chaos" and it's a good sign for me because vocals were my biggest concern about the album.
They shake your hand and they smile and they buy you a drink
They say we'll be your friends we'll stick with you till the end
But everybody's only looking out for themselves
And you say who can you trust I'll tell you nobody
27.05.2012 - 13:25
Grey Wind
Yeah I must agree about the vocals. Also, this song isn't the best on the album! it has better ones actually!
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