Anger As Art - New Album Update, Song By Song Description

US thrash metallers Anger As Art have posted a detailed song by song description of their new upcoming album Hubris Inc. The album has been mixed and is now ready to be packed. The upcoming album is planned to be released in the spring/early summer and guitarist and vocalist Steve Gaines gives us a rundown of the songs.

Hubris Inc. (Gaines, Alaniz)
This was once the intro to the song "They All Fall Down" (from Disfigure, 2009). However, a great decision to leave it off, for 2 reasons. 1.) One day I was griping about the place I work at... and blurted out "I work at Hubris, Incorporated." Rob Alaniz answered back immediately "That's the album title." And, how appropriate that he found that spoken word piece to go with it. 2.) By waiting to release this, I had greater inspiration for the guitar solos. If we had released it 3 years earlier, it would not have had the same impact.

Time Devours Life (Gaines, Espino)
There was no inspiration for this song at all, until one day our former bassist Angelo Espino says to me "you should write a song called 'Time Devours Life.'" Just hearing the words, the song absolutely wrote itself. Fast, frantic... the idea that any waste of time is a waste of life, so get on with it. While Angelo didn't actually write music or lyrics, I am sharing writing credits with him - simply because if he never would have said it, the song wouldn't exist.

Gods Of Hate (Gaines, Oliverio, Alaniz)
Somewhere between Dew-Scented, Dark Angel and Painkiller by Judas Priest - which places the song right in our wheelhouse. I had about 90% of the song written - and was working on this elaborate intro. Rob in his infinite wisdom has a way of shining light on the obvious, took the middle breakdown of the song and arranged the intro. The solo section (written by Dan) was actually a part from "Pieces Of Red" that we dropped... but it was too cool to cast off. So we changed key and it fit right in there. Lyrically, about the hypocrisy of religious zealots who kill in the name of god.

Anger Is The Reason (Gaines)
This song is actually a bit different for us. Fast and aggressive, yet stupidly melodic when it gets to the 2nd half. A tribute to Tony Iommi. Another in the series of songs about Anger (Anger As Art, Anger Is Rising, Anger Is A Gift). Split lead vocals with bassist Henry De La Cruz. Just a fun song.

Divided We Fall (Gaines, Alaniz)
We're at rehearsal early one day, and Rob says "I have this beat that I don't know what to do with. Try to play along, and see if anything happens." So, we started the cassette recorder (yes!) and jammed on it. The song you hear is almost exactly what we played the first time we tried it. A little more death-ish for us than you would expect, but extremely cool. Lyrically about strength in numbers - and the fight against those who would divide and conquer.

You can read the rest of the song descriptions at the band's MySpace page.

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