Cemetary - Mathias Leaves The Band & Scene

Mathias Lodmalm, Cemetary's mainman, posted the following message explaining his decision of retire from the band and the scene:

"Thank you for tuning in !

I'm leaving Cemetary and the "scene" for good (insert applause).

I've had enough of the people I do business with and the relationship with them has basically killed off the little inspiration I had left to do anything more connected with this whole thing. Pyrotechnics can cause quite alot of trouble in a sewer so best get out before it blows ! That sums up how I feel pretty good. At times I really don't know if I'm the spark, sewage or maybe both nuking my own ass !

Life moves on and so do I. I'm not a nostalgic person and maybe that's why I don't fit in with these folks. I'm not a retro kinda guy. I'm a futurist. I'm happy to move along, for my sake and for the sake of music. Making music to uphold some dumb ego or bank statement has never been for me (guess I never had the chance either so fuck it, lol). I embrace and produce whatever comes to me and what feels good in the heart.

Scenes and genres sooner or later turn into protective walls for positions of power, money and comfort. Not grounds for creativity.

The metal scene reached that point ages ago and today we see another re-"cycle" of old dinosaurs hunting down their last wad of cash for the pension fund. Another world tour, another reunion, another retro sound brought back for a quick exposure and cash in. This is not the fuckin' 80's. Is it ?

Sorry, but a man can only take so much Dungeons & Dragons bullshit.

Music has always been my 1st and only love. I've devoted my whole existence to it. At most times this has been really dumb, really fucking hard. I've put myself and others through hell and all it's suburbs, but hey, in love and war, all is fair. I have no regrets, only great love and a razor sharp vision for future adventures.

Alot of bad things can be said about me, most of it will be true. I don't care about none of it besides one thing. My love and honesty in what I do. I've never been a fake, this has all been real. Love it or hate it but I've always followed my heart. Until the fucking end, I intend to do just that. Chances are that if you are reading this you're in on it. Hyper space jumps between wave, dub, death, techno and grime will probably not be so hard on you as the world in general.

Anyway, time to go and just one last thing...

The greatest thing though all of this has been connecting with YOU !

Life in this world can make us feel very isolated, lonely, insane and alien. Music is a cure for alot of people, a way of dealing, feeling connected, understood and being a part of something. To me this is the magic. The way it should be. The connection in mind and spirit. Not in numbers. Making and sharing Cemetary with you has been my way of being part of something, a sense of belonging. Thank you for being a part of my world ! It would've been very bleak & empty without you.

To my supporters and allies. You feel it, right,..!?

To my bitter critics,...Don't worry bitches.

I'm only warming up !


Cementary early this year released their come-back album "Phantasma".

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Posted: 28.05.2005 by Metalforthespirit

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