Wormfood - First Album Collector Reissue Artwork Unveiled

French decadent metallers Wormfood have revealed the artwork of the upcoming reissue of their first album Eponym. The artwork was made by Hicham Haddaji (Strychneen Studio) and Saturne VII and can be seen below. Further details about this release were previously reported here.

This reissue, entitled Décade(nt), will be remastered by Axel Wursthorn (Walnut Grrove Studio, ex-Carnival In Coal), and released on September 24th through Apathia Records.

Décade(nt) tracklist:

01. Carpathian Carousel
02. Human Circus
03. Abortion Exit
04. Grandpa's Remission
05. The Night Of The Elderly
06. Hunger Anger
07. Schlachthaus
08. Licking The Bones
09. The Dead Bury The Dead
10. Acouphene
11. Intro [Live at Blast Fest 2005]
12. Bum Fight [Live at Blast Fest 2005]
13. TEGBM [Live at Blast Fest 2005]
14. Miroir de Chair [Live at Blast Fest 2005]
15. Comptine [Live at Blast Fest 2005]
16. Vieux Pédophile [Live at Blast Fest 2005]
17. Femme Chrétienne [Type O Negative - Christian Woman cover]
18. La Décadanse [Serge Gainsbourg cover]

Source: apathiarecords.com
Band profile: Wormfood
Posted: 04.08.2012 by Jehan - Apathia

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