Old Man's Child - New Album Details Revealed

Old Mans Child Galder (Dimmu Borgir) returned to Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden (In Flames, Arch Enemy), with Patrik J. Sten and Fredrik Nordström helping to create a new monster of an album, grimly dubbed "Vermin". Putting an end to the two-year silence since their last album, "Vermin" showcases Galder handling the vocals, stringed instruments and keyboards himself, propelled by Danish beat-machine Reno H. Kiilerich, who was drafted by Dimmu Borgir as a live drummer after stints with Vile, Exmortem(and who won a drum contest displaying the fastest footwork after exceeding over 800 hits on the double-bass pedals in one minute). Also guesting on the album for a lead guitar piece is Testament, Dragonlord guitarist Eric Peterson, while the artwork was created around the album's lyrical concept by Greek designer Set (Rotting Chirst, Paradise Lost, Heaven Shall Burn). Punishing catchiness, challenging instrumental performances and an intense overall atmosphere are enhanced further by Galder's demonic vocal delivery, bringing the Old Mans Child name to a new level of coherence and savagery. "Vermin" is yet another masterpiece by Old Mans Child to add to your collection if you call yourself a supporter of quality black metal.

Tracklisting is as follows:

1. Enslaved And Condemned (4:15)
2. The Plague Of Sorrow (4:09)
3. War Of Fidelity (4:19)
4. In Torment's Orbit (5:04)
5. Lord Of Command (Bringer Of Hate) (4:51)
6. The Flames Of Deceit (4:39)
7. Black Marvels Of Death (4:22)
8. Twilight Damnation (4:42)
9. ...As Evil Descends (1:11)

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Posted: 26.08.2005 by herzebeth

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