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Adagio - Release Two Demos From Upcoming Album

2013 is here and good news arrive from France. The progressive symphonic metal band Adagio just released two demo versions of two singles from their upcoming album and successor to Archangels In Black. While you wait for the new album to drop, you can listen to "Torn" and "Carry The Cross" on the videos below.

The complete message from the band reads as follows: "Happy new year guys, here it is! These are the demo versions of the two singles that will be featured on Adagio's upcoming album, planned to be released in 2013. To the die hard prog Metal fans: Remember those two songs are 'singles'... for the rest of the album, we promised Underworld 2... don't worry, you gonna have it above your expectations cheers."

Band profile: Adagio
Posted: 01.01.2013 by Tulio_78


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01.01.2013 - 18:50
WoW, I want more
Carpenter is master
01.01.2013 - 19:16
How about harsh vocals? No, huh?
01.01.2013 - 21:01
Im a little bit dissapointed about the vocals, but we´ll see how the final product will come out.
Btw in their FB page Adagio announced that this new álbum will be in the likes of Underworld 2. Im really fucking curious to listen to this one.
02.01.2013 - 02:10
The vocals suck a bit...
02.01.2013 - 03:23
Interesting demos. I love Kelly so much... and I've said this before, but I really want him to find a band he can call home. Beyond Twilight, Outworld and Darkology... and he still keeps jumping around. Perhaps he enjoys doing that. But now with Adagio and this Zierler Project thing... the future shall be rewarding regardless.

On another note, whatever happened with that short-lived tidbit about Mats Leven being the new singer? But now that I think about it... this band can't keep a freaking singer. They must not bathe. I'm losing hope for you, Kelly.
02.01.2013 - 09:39
They're just demos, so let's not expect it to be perfect and be let down if it's not. Kelly is the perfect singer for them, if he can belt it like on Beyond Twilight, I think that he can, I have faith

Looking forward to this album, Archangels In Black was killer.
02.01.2013 - 18:01
I was really excited to hear Kelly joining the band, and this being in the vain of Underworld, probably one of the greatest prog metal records of all time. These are demos so I think the finished product will be even better!
No time like the present
13.12.2013 - 07:47
Written by DeathMetalKnight on 01.01.2013 at 19:16

How about harsh vocals? No, huh?

Harsh vocals??? Really? Ehem... Exuse me... I mean, REALLY?

Now, if you mean harsh vocals as in how he did the vocals on the Beyond Twilight album, then ignore my rambling above, but if you mean growls of any sort, then my statement still stands.
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