Gorguts - New Album Cover And Tracklist, New Song Online (Update)

UPDATE on 20.06.2013: Shortly after revealing the album cover and tracklist for their new album Colored Sands, Gorguts have just premiered online the brand new song "Forgotten Arrows". See how the band sounds 12 years later on the lyric video below.

[Thanks to !J.O.O.E.! for the tip!]

Original news, published on 19.06.2013: Colored Sands, the new album from technical death metallers Gorguts, already has an album cover and tracklist. Even though there is still no hint of new music, we now know that the band will present nine new songs. You can take a look at how the cover artwork looks like below.

The new album is slated for a release on September 3rd in North America (August 30th in the rest of the world) under Season Of Mist. You can already pre-order it over here. Now all you can do is wait for more.

Colored Sands tracklist:

01. Le Toit du Monde
02. An Ocean Of Wisdom
03. Forgotten Arrows
04. Colored Sands
05. The Battle Of Chamdo
06. Enemies Of Compassion
07. Ember's Voice
08. Absconders
09. Reduced To Silence

Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Gorguts
Posted: 20.06.2013 by BloodTears


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19.06.2013 - 22:17
What an amazing Death Metal year
Written by Warman on 07.11.2007 at 22:39
Haha, that's like saying "compose your own Metal album and upload it here, instead of writing a review of an album". :lol:
19.06.2013 - 22:48
"The Quaker"
20.06.2013 - 00:14
Album art covers excite me for some reason. Im not a fan but this one is ok
20.06.2013 - 00:23
I can not wait for this, and I really like the art too, not sure why.
20.06.2013 - 06:39
Can't wait. Gorguts never ceases to amaze me.
20.06.2013 - 17:32
Account deleted
New track. Sounds very good indeed.

20.06.2013 - 17:58
At first I thought it was a tepid rehash of what Gorguts has done much better in the past; the last minute and a half, however, had a noticeably heavier sound (perhaps comparable to Meshuggah's Nothing or Koloss). Over multiple listens, I tend to think that this is a solid track. Overall, this track is a sign that Colored Sands will be worth a listen, although I do hope that the lyrics improve.
20.06.2013 - 20:01
a MasT
So f****** excited!!!!!!!!
21.06.2013 - 11:32
I had the worst dream last night. Apparently Gorguts made a Cryptopsy-like turn and except 2 songs the album was a mediocre, lame, boring turd, and received 3 pts. I seriously saw this in my dream, and I have no idea what the fuck is wrong with my mind
21.06.2013 - 12:57
This cover art is amazing. Really like it. Gorguts still is on his line. Good news.
21.06.2013 - 14:36
Their recent logo is god-awful though. It really clashes with this album cover. They should just use the painting and put a sticker on the packaging like Kvelertak did with their new album.
21.06.2013 - 19:30
Metal George
Sounds good. i will look out for this one.
08.07.2013 - 15:53
Thats faking good. Really good one. Gorguts never failed!

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