Eclipse Hunter - Going On Hiatus

Russian power/progressive metal band Eclipse Hunter announced their intentions to halt its development for an unspecified period of time. However, the band will play their last 2 shows in October and December, after which the musicians will concentrate on their own projects and maybe return to Eclipse Hunter someday later. The full letter from the band can be found below.

"Hello to everyone, who likes our music, follows our development, attends shows, supports, loves or hates!

Unfortunately, we have to announce that Eclipse Hunter is going on a hiatus as of December 2013. The main reason for this was lack of opportunity for band development and next album's recording, which was triggered by lack of time of several members and their busyness. Besides, we wanted to try playing a bit different music, which could not fit into EH's musical scope, as we were generally considered as a power metal band, which doesn't appeal to us any longer. However, we don't announce the end of EH, we're just taking a break, so that each of us could continue with our side-projects: Alexander Yurov and Artem Voinov will work with their cover projects Sabbath Inside and Megalomania, Eugene Zhamoydik and Dmitry Trofimov will soon present their Nightwish-tribute band, Panopticon, and Andre Osokin is forming a new band/project (featuring musicians you may already know), which will give their first concert also this year.

Anyway, we're not leaving that easily, so we've planned two final shows! The first one - an acoustic one - will take place on October, 13th at Doolin House Pub, just like the last time. And the second one - the full-length 'electric' show will be on December, 8th at Music Town club. So be there and burn with us.

In conclusion, we'd like to express our gratitude to everyone who helped us throughout those 9 years (considering that Eclipse Hunter started in 2004 as a project) - bands, musicians, venues, reporters, photographers, rehearsal studios... A big big thank you goes to Dmitry Borisenkov for helping us create those 2 albums, ex-members for making history, and of course you, dear friends, for all those kind words or critics, for telling your friends about us, who also attended our shows, bought our CDs or were just interested in our music - for being with us! See you in October and December! EH."

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Posted: 02.09.2013 by andreosokin

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