King Diamond - Performance At Japan's Loud Park Cancelled

Legendary heavy metallers King Diamond were supposed to be performing at Japan's Loud Park Festival 13 tomorrow but their appearance has been canceled. The festival organizers released a statement explaining that the band cancelled their performance "due to their equipment not arriving in Japan in time" and because they didn't want to use a substitute equipment. This morning, King Diamond responded to this by saying that their performance was cancelled by the promoter and not the band.

The Loud Park organizers posted this: ''We would like to inform you that King Diamond, which was scheduled to perform at Loud Park on Sunday (October 20th 2013) has canceled their performance due to their equipment not arriving in Japan in time. The band has tried everything within its power to sort the issue out but unfortunately there is no chance of the equipment arriving in time for the show.

We have negotiated with the band about using substitute equipment for the show but because of their resolute stance on not being able to perform with equipment other than their own has resulted in this cancellation. We deeply apologize for this situation to anyone who has been looking forward to the band's performance."

Excerpts from the lengthy King Diamond's statement: "Let me try and explain this without saying **** all the time. The Japanese promoters at Loud Park had, when I woke up this morning, posted a false and deceitful cancellation announcement, which they are going to have to correct to what really happened. First of all: We did not cancel the show. The promoters did. Let them show an email saying we cancelled the show. They can't. We can provide the email in which they cancelled.

They cancelled so late, that some of our people were already in flight to Japan. I myself found out from a forwarded email at 4:26 am Dallas time, waiting for a preordered cab to arrive at 6:00 am to take me to DFW International Airport. The email had come from Onta (working for the promoter, in what capacity, I don't know, but at least in a capacity to be able to cancel our performance), saying 'Sorry for the result. Please stop taking flights for all...'"

"Entire theatrical production, including all instruments and special effects had been put into the professional care of a Danish shipping company, who is also used by Rocket Cargo among others, in order to make sure everything would be in Tokyo with time to spare. This was trucked from Copenhagen to Hamburg harbor, and loaded onto a Chinese ship. During the sail from Hamburg to Ningbo, China, where our entire cargo would be in transit and go via Japanese ship to Tokyo, our Danish shipper found out through their agents in China, that the ship's arrival had suddenly been announced with a 6 day delay. No reasons given."

"The promoter at some point tried to almost force the band into agreeing to play two free backline shows next year, only paying expenses for flights, rented backline and crew salary, in case the cargo didn't make it in time to Loud Park, in order to make up for promoter's part of the possible loss. However, this idea was quickly scrapped, since we couldn't guarantee that it would fit in our future schedule, plus that we would have huge losses doing that, and last but not least we do not play without our theatrical production anymore. All King Diamond shows are full King Diamond shows."

"We not only have a loss from this financially, we also lost the planned 10 camera filming of our performance for a possible future DVD, plus most important, the chance to show a Japanese audience what a King Diamond show is all about. Even though we are not the ones to blame for this, I want to state to all of you how sorry we are that this was not possible. I also want to state that the promoters are not to blame for this either. Both parties tried to go above and beyond to make this happen, but in the end it ended up being out of our hands and up to the Chinese customs authorities. We have emails containing proof of everything I have stated above. Stay Heavy, King Diamond."

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Posted: 19.10.2013 by Bad English


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19.10.2013 - 15:20
The Japanese fans must be super pissed off
19.10.2013 - 21:03
Draven Edge
Angers me too, isn't it obvious to them that true fans spend a lot of money to travel to and see their band. Cancelling out is extremely disrespectful. I used to have to travel 6+ hours to see gigs, motel room, other expenses, time off work, adds up. Kind Diamond cancelled a gig I travelled to also, My friend I was with, well it was the second gig he attempted to see that had been cancelled. Now another gig has been cancelled. Has King Diamond got terrible management, well, I guess the answer to that is obvious. Cancelling another gig, especially just before Halloween (which their music is highly suited for), extremely disappointing to the fans. Too bad, King Diamond has some of my favorite (horror related) songwriting. Whoever is at fault, is a blatant idiot....I figure the band owes me about a grand in expenses for the gig they cancelled years ago,, someone...quick.... call us a lawyer...

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