Todtgelichter - Line-Up Changes Announced

German metallers Todtgelichter have gone through several line-up changes in the last few years and the departures continue. This time, guitarist Claudio De Facci, bassist Christoph Wonerow and vocalist Tobias Engelhardt are no longer part of Todtgelichter for various reasons. The group will continue as a five-piece and Marta Braun will be the band's sole main vocalist. The new guitarist should be announced today and the search for a new bassist is underway. The band is working on a new album despite the turmoil.

The band explained: "You knew about Claudio's departure since the end of 2013 - he just grew out of the band, evolving, searching for other ways of expressions to make music. He will stay close to us though and might contribute one or the other riff someday as well as accompany us on tour. Thanks for being an active and creative part of us for so long, and we hope that behind the curtains you'll stay with us even longer, mate!

"With Tobias we parted ways because the visions of what was to become the next emanation of Todtgelichter just went in completely different ways. He is a great vocalist, a great guy to be around and a creative mind and we all are proud of his contribution and effort regarding Apnoe. But when it came to the future (and the past) of the band it just didn't work out. What we, the remaining core of Todtgelichter, need to ask his forgiveness for is that we realized too late we couldn't continue without our past, while he, being from a different background, was obviously looking forward. We are sorry for how it turned out and just hope you'll understand someday. Thank you for your time with us, for the album and the great experiences we had with you!

"Chris left shortly after Tobias - let's just say this foundation-shaking time was much to bear for everyone and of course very, very tedious. Chris decided that the last months drained too much of his energy to continue with us in a new formation. We respect his decision and thank him too for the energy, sweat and creativity he has put into the band - we would wish him goodbye too at this point, but in order to ensure the announced concerts he'll hang around a little longer, you'll see him on the Ragnarök and the Heavy Veddel festival! Now, if you have paid attention you'll recognize we are down to the foundation members Frederic, Tentakel P. and Marta again. Or are we? The show must go on - We already have a new guitar player and all other changes will be announced during the next days. Be sure that Todtgelichter takes on a new form and new strength! If you are wondering what that means for Album Nr. 5, you can bet this is coming, with three songs roughly written so far - fans of the last two albums will not be disappointed. We decided we want to show more teeth again and are going a little step backwards into the direction of Angst - while taking a big step sideways to regions uncharted, as always!

"Ah, and finally - we're looking for a new bass guitar player to replace Chris with immediate effect. The other changes will be announced during the next days as promised. The announced gigs will be played as planned!"

The band continues: "We have decided to continue as a five-piece-band with long-time (and honorary founding) member Marta as sole main vocalist, sometimes accompanied by backing vocals of Frederic. We think this is the best solution as she knows exactly what we are looking for in a vocalist, what the band needs and what moods we want to invoke. Furthermore her influence on songwriting has been growing over the last years and her skills have greatly improved also. Yes, that means she will take over ALL main parts. Those of you who think she can't cope with the older songs, just you wait until she spits 'Blutstern' right into your faces...! The new guitar player will be revealed tomorrow, so all that is left is: We're searching for a new bass player!"

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Posted: 05.04.2014 by BloodTears


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05.04.2014 - 10:00
"We decided we want to show more teeth again and are going a little step backwards into the direction of Angst - while taking a big step sideways to regions uncharted, as always! "

now that is interesting.
05.04.2014 - 11:51
Au Pays Natal
Damage done. Apnoe was huge bust.
05.04.2014 - 11:52
Ag Fox
Angel No More
Interesting development indeed! and yes, Apnoe was a let down for me too
loves 小巫
05.04.2014 - 16:55
Same here... I'm intrigued to see the result of these changes.
05.04.2014 - 18:49
I'm thoroughly convinced this band is spiraling out of control. We'll see what happens, though.
07.04.2014 - 04:00
Apnoe was the letdown of th year, but I still enjoyed the vocal parts with Marta. I think this was the right move.

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