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American metallers Mastodon have revealed the first song off their new album which will be called Once More Round The Sun and should be released in June. This new song is called "High Road" and you can take the journey and stream it on their website or here. Not a bad start? What do you think?

Many more details are still under wraps about the album such as the tracklist, cover and exact release date. Stay tuned for that. Until then, you have "High Road" to enjoy.

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Posted: 17.04.2014 by BloodTears


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17.04.2014 - 17:08
Alex F
yeah man
I really wanted to like this song but I just did not. Really stale sounding
17.04.2014 - 17:09
Woah, the guitar tone is amazing. Song is okay, I feel the same as when Curl Of The Burl was released.
17.04.2014 - 18:55
Quite liked that one.
17.04.2014 - 19:26
Guitars are great, but the vocals feel a little off. Could just be me though; haven't listened to these guys in quite some time.
Sometimes you just need to roll the dice and look away.
17.04.2014 - 19:28
Love the art!
17.04.2014 - 20:03
Spending such a great cover art for single is insane
17.04.2014 - 20:04
I didnt like the vocals on the chorus that much!
17.04.2014 - 20:12
Troy Killjoy

I hope this is like a novelty song or something. Maybe it'll work better within the context of the full album.
Prettier than BloodTears.
17.04.2014 - 21:05
Account deleted
Hmmm. An OK guitar riff but I guess these dudes already set the bar pretty high for a song like High Road to come along.
17.04.2014 - 21:58
Quite liked it, but nothing too spectacular. Having said that, I'm pretty sure the album itself will need some time to grow on me. That's always the case with Mastodon. But once it does, can't get enough.
17.04.2014 - 22:40
Seeker of Truth
Are Mastodon taking the Metallica road?.. Four legendary albums, the fourth being quite proggy, followed by more straight-forward rock stuff... Sounds like that too me. Let's see... Love the cover art though...
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17.04.2014 - 22:47
Troy Killjoy
Written by K†ulu on 17.04.2014 at 22:40
Are Mastodon taking the Metallica road?

Knock on wood.
Prettier than BloodTears.
18.04.2014 - 00:01
Rapid Fire
Written by Rasa on 17.04.2014 at 21:58

Quite liked it, but nothing too spectacular. Having said that, I'm pretty sure the album itself will need some time to grow on me. That's always the case with Mastodon. But once it does, can't get enough.

Absolutely agree. Mastodon albums are never easy to dig, but once you do the feelings are great. At least it's been my case with every new album from them, what's more, I didn't like this band the first times I listened to them but after some careful listenings I got to love them!
18.04.2014 - 03:11
Ocean Sage
I love the sludgy riff! It sounds like Leviathan's heaviness and production with the prog elements I worship off of Crack the Skye! Perfect verse, bridge, solo and outro. That chorus though... it's kinda poppy. I mean I said I love the song as a whole the instrumentation is EXACTLY what I was hoping for on this album and the vocals are pretty good too. But, it's kinda a mix of rough vocals, not too growly like Blood Mountain or totally clean like The Hunter.

For me, the only low point was actually the lyrics during the chorus. I mean, "YOU TAKE THE HIGH ROAD NOW! I'LL TAKE THE ROAD BELOW YOU!" That's seems like something any band in the world would write, I was hoping for something more original from them. I am very excited for the album though! I GET TO SEE THEM FOR A 3RD TIME ON MAY 8TH! I hope they'll play this and some other songs than just The Hunter songs I've heard several times now.
18.04.2014 - 05:30
I stopped paying attention to these guys after Leviathan. When did they get so wimpy? This is MTV metal.
18.04.2014 - 08:00
Looks like they are continuing with a similar sound like on The Hunter. Song is just ok, great riff but a boring and slightly annoying chorus. Killer artwork though.
18.04.2014 - 11:46
My feelings have been pretty well summated by those above, love my Mastodon but as with the Curl of the Burl streaming release, i can't help but get an apprehensive "jeez... this is a bit wimpy, hope they don't turn out like Metallica" vibe. The Hunter did end up staying more or less on par with Curl of the Burl (apart from Spectrelight which i find to be a total killer of a track) so take from that what you will.

On the other hand, they played an excellent set on their side-show after playing Soundwave festival in Sydney earlier this year, touching all bases of their catalogue and doing work onstage, leaving me hopeful that the new album may do the same.

Guess we'll have to wait and see...
18.04.2014 - 23:22
snake? snaaaake!
Account deleted
Ugh... Forget the high road. This is the wrong road.
19.04.2014 - 08:20
Not good man! Overrated band and they suck tremendously live (at least vocally)
21.04.2014 - 00:59
Ace Frawley
The Spaceman
I quite enjoy this. I think the vocals are quite good. For me, their vocals have always been a weak point, so anything more melodic sounds better to me. Looking forward to the album. I hope there are lots more melodic tracks.
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