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Last year, thrashers Havok released the album Unnatural Selection. Now the group is releasing another new video for a track off that album. This time around, they chose "Chasing The Edge" and the video is available for your viewing pleasure now. It was directed by Roy Warner.

Frontman David Sanchez explains the idea behind the video: "In case you couldn't tell by the video, 'Chasing The Edge' is about space exploration. This song is dedicated to Nicolaus Copernicus and his groundbreaking idea that sparked the modern scientific revolution. Without his bold observations that turned the Church on its head, you might not be reading this text on a computer screen right now! The lyrics are dictated from Copernicus' point of view, but of course, the meaning of the song can be interpreted in many different ways.

"Astronomy is very humbling when you realize that we are an incredibly tiny part of the cosmos. No matter how self-interested our society becomes, it should always be remembered that we are not the center of the universe... There is just SO much out there. Every time I look up at the night sky, I can't help but contemplate the possibility that somewhere out there, there are creatures looking at our star; Wondering, like myself, about the possibility of life near our tiny pinhole of light, which we call the Sun. Peering into the vast ocean of suns above our heads is a mind-expanding exercise and I recommend that people do it more often. What greater fountain of mystery and wonder could you possibly look at with your own two eyes?

"We live in a historic time of human triumph and incredible discovery. It would be a shame to let these advances in understanding go unappreciated. We should be grateful for revolutionary thinkers like Nicolaus Copernicus and always remember, like the song says, 'That an open mind has the biggest impact'."

Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Havok
Posted: 30.05.2014 by BloodTears


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30.05.2014 - 14:28
Interesting concept, but the song itself sucks
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01.06.2014 - 19:38
Havoks sound just doesn't work when it's slowed down. I'm guessing they made this album to have some easier songs for the live show as their earlier stuff is exhausting to play.
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