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Ævangelist - New Album Cover And Tracklist Revealed

US extreme metal act, Ævangelist, is planning to unleash a new wave of nightmare as a full-length album. The follow up of their 2013 record Omen Ex Simulacra is titled Writhes In The Murk and it will be released via Debemur Morti Production on CD, vinyl and digital this September. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the cover and tracklist here.

Their label says that the new album will be "a musically diverse downward spiral of horrifying bliss...a new journey towards blackness and nothingness."

Are you excited about it?

Front cover by Andrzej Masianis. Layout by Brianvdp.

The tracklist of the new album is as follows:

01. Hosanna
02. The Only Grave
03. Præternigma
04. Disquiet
05. Ælixir
06. Harken To The Flesh
07. Halo Of Lamented Glory
08. Writhes In The Murk

[Also thanks to Pazdzioch for sending in this news!]

Band profile: Ævangelist
Posted: 17.07.2014 by mz


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17.07.2014 - 12:44
I won.
Giving my ears a rest from music.
17.07.2014 - 12:47
Ag Fox
Angel No More
I hope it'll meet the standards of "De Masticatione Mortuorum In Tumulis". I really like this artwork, hopefully it's a hint of the music quality, then I'll grab an LP to admire it in its full glory
loves 小巫
17.07.2014 - 13:23
Inner Metal Cage
Written by mz on 17.07.2014 at 12:44

I won.

Congrats you prick
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17.07.2014 - 14:08
Loved the first and second album and all EPs in between. Hopefully this one will be excellent as well.
17.07.2014 - 18:29
Alex F
Slick Dick Rick
Pleaseeeeeeeeee be like the debut. Or maybe even another change in sound would be cool, just nothing like the last album please
17.07.2014 - 22:28
More Omniquity sound please !
17.07.2014 - 22:31
New album already?
18.07.2014 - 00:23
My bets are that I'll be the only one on MS that'll actually enjoy it. The track they played live, Halo of Lamented Glory, is very much in the vein of the last record, imo.

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