Edenbridge - To Release 6 DVD Set

Edenbridge have a treat for their fans. The Austrian symphonic metallers are releasing next year a 6-disc DVD package, The History So Far..., to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the band. It will have a running time of approximately 9 hours, spanning over their entire career, starting from the very beginnings with the pre-band Cascade to the present.

Check out the DVDs tracklists here as well as the pre-order options over here.

Apart from a lot of studio/tour documentaries and video clips, 3 full multi-cam live concerts are included:

  • Live in Germany 2004 (70 minutes)
  • Live in Beijing 2007 (90 minutes)
  • Live in Czech Republic 2014 (45 minutes, full HD)

    As well as lengthy live features from:

  • Busan Rock Festival Korea 2002
  • Seoul Korea 2002
  • Pratteln 2003
  • Jump Guro Festival Korea 2008
  • Pratteln 2008

    And private video footage filmed during their shows and backstage, never seen before.

    Sabine and Lanvall reunited with former bass player Kurt Bednarsky and former guitar player Andreas Eibler in August 2014, to resume the early years of Edenbridge's s history. Captured with 3 cameras, the four share their thoughts about the early days and do a spontaneous acoustic performance of "Forever Shine On" from the debut Sunrise In Eden.

    Lanvall had this to say about the project: "In early 2014 I had the idea for this DVD package, something the fans requested for a long time over and over again. On the same day I started to digitalize some of the old video material from the early days, what we had on VHS tapes. We have collected tons of material over the past 15 years and now it is the right time to finally release it, celebrating our 15th anniversary next year. During the year 2014 I spent numerous hours by watching the rough material, evaluating and finally editing the stuff to tell the story so far...

    "Apart from some clips that were featured as a bonus DVD on the A Livetime In Eden album, all material is previously unreleased and never seen before. I am extremely happy that we can offer you our last show of the Chinese Tour in 2007 in Beijing in full length now and also the last show we did so far in Czech Republic in 2014, which we filmed with 10 cameras in full HD. It was a pleasure to edit all this great material from the orchestra recordings, studios and the tour memories, especially from the Asian tours. August 23 was a special day, when Kurt and Andi visited us. We spent a whole day talking about the early days and filming everything. Then Andi had the idea of doing a spontaneous acoustic performance of 'Forever Shine On' from our debut album. We just took a look on the line sheet for the chords, remembering some arpeggios and recorded that song on a great summer evening outside on the terrace in unison with the chirring of the crickets. Some kind of magic was in the air!"

    Vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher offered: "Over the years I was mainly the one, who did all the filming, backstage and on the road, to capture the moments and the one or other 'oops'. After several tours I asked myself 'why am I doing this, there won't be a DVD anyway?' The sheer amount of data somehow got lost in oblivion in our archives (better to say boxes). After our last move everything appeared again. When Lanvall had the idea to celebrate our anniversary, I was really excited as the numerous hours of filming were not in vain :-)

    "Really beautiful and funny was the day with Kurt and Andi. So many things happened over the last 15 years and we were able to travel to numerous countries even in our beginnings. The experiences we made in our shows, the before and after, to master the many challenges, formed us and our music. It was exciting to hear how my colleagues from the past experienced that. Furthermore I like the 3 concerts and to see how different they are due to the gap of years in between. I believe that those DVDs will please all our past and more our still loyal fans. Travel the journey with us and who knows, where it will still lead us - the DVD is eventually called The History So Far..."

    DVD facts:
  • Languages: German/English with English subtitles
  • Format: PAL Region Code 0
  • Running Time: approx. 9 hours
  • The audio and video quality can vary in different parts due to the transfer from analog video tapes.

    [Thanks to Susan for the tip!]

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    Posted: 13.11.2014 by BloodTears


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    13.11.2014 - 19:17
    Amazing!!! ^_^
    13.11.2014 - 19:37
    I think my lovely partner will be very happy to read this...
    First gig was Manowar (loincloths 'n' all), Bristol Colston Hall in March 1983, on the 'Hail to England' tour. Tickets were £3.75, 300 in the audience, Mercyful Fate never showed, but my hearing still got seriously trashed..
    13.11.2014 - 21:32
    Jason W.
    Great news. A band I've wanted to see live for several years now, it's things like this that are perfect releases!
    "After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley
    14.11.2014 - 03:56
    Dear Santa Claus,

    I would like the Edenbridge 6-DVD set, please


    Damn! It doesn't come out till next year. I hadn't notice that part. Oh well, I'll start saving my money.
    "A life all mine
    Is what I choose
    At the end of my days"
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    14.11.2014 - 06:43
    Written by Susan on 14.11.2014 at 03:56

    Dear Santa Claus,

    I would like the Edenbridge 6-DVD set, please


    Damn! It doesn't come out till next year. I hadn't notice that part. Oh well, I'll start saving my money.

    I know that feel, sis. In my case is with the upcoming Blind Guardian album (well, it will be released 7 days after my birthday! ). Or maybe I could get for X-mas the single::)
    14.11.2014 - 16:55
    OMG I can't believe it!!!! I always complain about Edenbridge's lack of material but now my pledges have been heard.
    15.11.2014 - 07:57
    Dark Cornatus
    Awesome! Can't wait!

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