Öxxö Xööx - Debut First Music Video Ever

The French experimental and flamboyant doomsters of Öxxö Xööx are proud to announce the band's first music video for the song "LMDLM (Le Marécage De La Mélancolie)" off of the band's upcoming sophomore album Nämïdäë, to be released in early 2015 by Blood Music. Stream the video below and get lost in the swamp.

More info about Nämïdäë was previously reported here.

Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Öxxö Xööx
Posted: 08.12.2014 by J. N.


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08.12.2014 - 22:24
How is that name even pronounced?
08.12.2014 - 23:18
J. N.
Written by cossaisVendeurs on 08.12.2014 at 22:24
How is that name even pronounced?

If you mean the band name, it's binary code for "69". So, if you'd like...
Demetrius: Villain, what hast thou done?
Aaron: That which thou canst not undo.
Chiron: Thou hast undone our mother.
Aaron: Villain, I have done thy mother.
- William Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus: Act 4, Scene 2 (1593)
09.12.2014 - 00:15
I have listened tons of weird shit in this industry but this one...
09.12.2014 - 01:14
Account deleted
Öxxö Xööx is a rare Avantgarde Metal band I like... Their debut Rëvëürt was such a weird but lovely listening experience, and this new song is quite promising... I'm glad (and surprised tbh) they didn't change a bit!
09.12.2014 - 06:59
High Fist Prog
Definitely going to go check out their debut now...
09.12.2014 - 11:23
Black Knight
Great song. This band is very weird but it never disappoints. Hope that the next album will be at the level of this song too.
09.12.2014 - 12:08
Only clicked on the link because of the weird band name, but what a pleasant surprise! The doom and gothic genre tags are definitely right up my alley, and this song showcases the two favourite styles of mine with a twist. Plus I appreciate the English subtitles of the lyrics - apparently they've invented their own language in which their lyrics are written; I have little knowledge of linguistics so I can't tell if it's legit.

Flamboyant doom? That's an oxymoron lol. I still think the band name is ridiculous, but I'll get over it eventually...

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