Sepultura - Drummer Igor Cavalera Quits

Drummer Igor Cavalera has officially announced his departure from Sepultura. In a statement released today (June 12) to the Brazilian media, Igor attributed the split to "artistic incompatibility" with his Sepultura bandmates guitarist Andreas Kisser, bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. and vocalist Derrick Green.

"I believe my time in Sepultura has come to an end," Igor said in the statement. "I have a lot of pride in everything we have done, but I feel that the group's current formation does not meet my expectations as a musician and a person. Since my last tour with Sepultura, which took place in Europe in December 2004, I have sensed that my ideas were not compatible with those of the rest of the band.

"I would really like to thank all of the fans that supported me and continue supporting our music. I would also like to thank everybody that worked to make Sepultura the band that it had become."

Igor announced earlier in the year that he was taking a break from the group's touring activities to spend time with his second wife and their new son (who was born in January). Filling in on drums during the band's European tour with In Flames was Mayorga, who played with Igor's brother Max in Soulfly for several years in the late '90s and again in 2001-2003.

Igor is the second Cavalera to leave Sepultura. In 1996, Max Cavalera exited the group after the rest of the band fired Max's wife Gloria as Sepultura's manager.

Sepultura are rumored to have selected Jean Dolabella (ex-Udora) as their new permanent drummer following Roy Mayorga's decision to join Stone Sour as a full-time member.

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Posted: 12.06.2006 by Promonex


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12.06.2006 - 22:16
Baz Anderson
well thats both of the Cavalera's now..
i wonder if the whole band will just call it quits now or what
13.06.2006 - 01:02
Account deleted
Man, that blows. However, I can't imagine the band calling it quits at this point. Their last album's been getting the best feedback since the last Max album, which is great for them. And "Dante XXI" seems to have been Green's idea, so it already seems like he's a significant force in the band. Anyways... I hope they don't call it a day just yet...
13.06.2006 - 01:33
Strange he quits after good, trashy Dante and not after the horrible Against and Nation... Convicted in Life is GOOD and I like the new Sepultura.
13.06.2006 - 02:08
Account deleted
new Sepultura rocks... and Igor leaving... I don't know what to say... that sucks so bad... I've got tears in my eyes... ;( ehhh... anyway... Igor ffs - go to Soulfly!!! NOW!!! ;p
13.06.2006 - 07:03
Account deleted
they sucked when max left!!but with igor gone there can be no reunion!!!! FUCK IT SEPULTURA YOURE DEAD TO ME!!!!:gunner:
13.06.2006 - 13:17
Account deleted
When Max left, I've been saying for years that Igor should quit too. Congrats and good luck Igor.
13.06.2006 - 23:51
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I saw Sepultura live with Roy Mayorga in their last tour with In Flames and the guy f*ckin' slayed. There's no need for Igor.

By the way, "Dante XXI" was a nice album.
14.06.2006 - 01:27
Account deleted
yeah but Roy is no longer with Seps... he joined Stone Sour... Jean Dolabella is new Sepultura drummer...
15.06.2006 - 19:54
Account deleted
i stopped listening to Sepultura after that shitstorm known as Roorback. Deric Green is a terrible vocalist and a shitty choice for replacement of Max. and Soulfly is nu-metal, so..... anyway, they suck too (mostly).
15.06.2006 - 20:12
heh ... maybe he'll join soulfly! sepultura without cavlera brothers hah piece of shit!
15.06.2006 - 21:38
Retired Staff
Igor Cavalera - Explains Decision To Leave Sepultura :

You can check out an extensive interview with Igor Cavalera regarding his decision to leave Sepultura over at here.
Your favorite band sucks.
16.06.2006 - 00:43
Erotic Stains
Fuck that's sad! My favorite drummer leaves one of my favorite bands. Sepultura's soul is gone and I wish the remaining band members all luck, they will need it!
16.06.2006 - 12:34
Cthulu Corpse
Account deleted
nooo! Igor was the perfect drummer. Never got to see him live. Hope they wont quit for this.
16.06.2006 - 15:17
Mr. Noise
Didn't expect that too happen..
SLUDGE. DOOM. DEATH. Wait, what?

"The reason I'm running for president is because I can't be Bruce Springsteen." - Barack Obama
21.06.2006 - 23:27
I just wonder if Sepultura will be good since Igor left.
24.06.2006 - 13:49
Savage Messiah
Metal Drummer
aaw Sepultura fucking died.. Igor was such a cool drummer!!
09.08.2006 - 21:50
Doit Like Bernie
Without Igor, i dont know how Sepultura can survive. He should jion Max at Soulfly.
17.08.2006 - 02:59
Bitch Boy
This sucks. Really sucks. Will the rest of the members be able to find a good replacement??
17.08.2006 - 11:20
I don't think so. Sepultura is officialy history
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21.08.2006 - 01:57
This fucking sucks. Now with Igor leaving the band Sepultura is done with. They lost a lot when Max left but now it is over for the band. You cant replace Igor and that was my opinion on the leaving of Max.
R.I.P. Sepultura (Thanks for some of the best metal ever)
R.I.P. "Dimebag" Darrell Abott
Drink a "blacktooth" for Dimebag
11.10.2006 - 01:37
1793 elegy
The new sepultura is pretty good but i don't think they'll survive without both Cavalera brothers.
30.10.2006 - 13:31
Account deleted
First Max then igor!! pfff
19.11.2008 - 01:22
Account deleted
I think he could have called it a day when Max left the band, i won't leave my brother behind no matter what... Sad thing is they started all this only to end this way...
19.11.2008 - 02:10
Sonic Titan couldn't have said it better

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