Blood Red Throne - Change Vocalist, Yngve "Bolt" Christiansen Back

Blood Red Throne have announced a change in their line-up. Yngve "Bolt" Christiansen, in the band since 2011, had recently been replaced by Martin Berger Enerstvedt, who is now out of the band. That was quick! Also, Yngve "Bolt" Christiansen is coming back to the band. Confused? The death metal band from Norway already had a new album called Union Of Flesh And Machine recorded with Martin Berger Enerstvedt's vocals ready for this November but they are only releasing it in 2016 as Bolt will record his vocals for the album.

Here is the band's explanation for this situation: "OK people, life is full of sudden turns...and there's just been one again in the BRT camp. I don't want to go into details and you can speculate as much as you want, but the fact is that Martin is retiring from BRT. Many will jump to the conclusion that he...or we couldn't handle the negative feedback from some of you regarding the vocals. But the fact is that it's on a very personal level and Martin needs to sort things out in his life. Playing in all his bands and especially being challenged to front BRT is hard and impossible at this very moment. Therefore, we have mutually agreed that he will step out and let Bolt come back again. I know some fans will appreciate this and the rest of us are excited to have Bolt back. Bolt was going through extreme conditions and time pressure when we split with him, but things have changed for the better and he's more hungry and focused than ever to kick ass with us. Despite the fact we've already sent the master CD for our new album, we've decided along with Martin that this will be withdrawn and Bolt will put his vocals on it. Meaning he will use Martin's lyrics, vocal lines and titles still. So Martin plays a big part on this album no matter what. He also mixes and masters it, so let's give it up for him! It's even his fuckin' birthday today, so a big cheers from the BRT guys and from you as well we hope! Due to this, things will be a bit delayed, but we promise the album will be out early 2016 and we're gonna play A LOT live next year!"

Here is a new song from their upcoming album previously released:

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Posted: 25.09.2015 by BloodTears

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