Mutiny Within - Working On New Material

It's been three years since Mutiny Within released their latest album, Synchronicity. The good news is that the progressive band is currently working on new songs for a new release. According to them, it should be an EP. Regardless of the length, there is new Mutiny Within music in the works!

Their latest update: "Things are moving along a lot, lot quicker than we anticipated. We've already got songs coming together and being demoed. The chemistry that made this band so special when we started out has never been stronger and we're literally tripping over new ideas and we're so excited to be doing this again. Things have been really quiet for us for so many years but that break seems like it's breathed new life into the band. We've got that fire back that made Mutiny Within what it was.

"Most of you know that we had a lot of dark days after we departed from the roster of Roadrunner Records and it's hard to believe we've never actually been in the same room since December of 2010. We started our first tour being great friends and as time went on, more things went wrong, and our friendships became strained. But, here we are in 2016 working together as a whole band, all be it over an ocean but that isn't holding us back. So thanks for sticking with us.

"This next release is going to be strong. We've incorporated those classic MW progressive elements, and most importantly we're having the time of our lives making new music. Check out this video of Bill Fore rehearsing one of the heavier songs before he starts tracking in the near future."

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Posted: 29.02.2016 by BloodTears

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