UnSun - Band Calls It Quits

As first mentioned back in July 2012, vocalist Anna Stefanowicz suffers from an illness in her throat, which seems to affect her voice. Now, UnSun, the band of ex-Vader guitarist Mauser, made it public to the world that the band will be no longer.

According to a post on the band's Facebook page, Aya stated the following: Dear Friends. For some of you these past 2 years were very long or for some as for me, time flies fast,and these past years were like a few, short but very intense moments. I don't like,and if I had to chose, I prefer not to tell about things so personal as health matters but I feel obliged to explain for these who has/had a love for our music.I love you too.

I've waited quite a long time with this post because I still had a hope that everything will settle,today I'm not that sure.Since my last post things got worse and more difficult. Yesterday,when I was coming back from the physiotherapy,I realized that it's over and I should move on (because for the past 2 years there was no a single day I wasn't thinking about singing).

I was so focused on that goal and only on that that I didn't see how fast last few years have passed.And that time has been lost in sense of my creativity because I've been blinded by my obsession of coming back to singing...so I didn't do different things which are/were probably more in my range now and then.

The illness I have is affecting my nervous system and there are a lot of bad things happening to my body at the moment. So now I am just dreaming to be able to do things like walking and moving without pain,so forgive me for not dreaming about singing.. I am currently waiting for the decision about my possible further treatment and one of the option is surgery in the neck/spine area and I hope that,the successful surgery would resolve at least half of my problems. It was really hard to admit it but this will also free me somehow, hopefully.

Now from the other hand.

I really enjoyed my time spent with Unsun. It's been crazy,great,gave me some feeling of fulfillment and I gave it everything from myself. Over a few years we created some beautiful music full of different kind of feelings. These songs are living its own live now and will remain forever.I don't regret anything from that time and I feel I gave for the music world something unique and good...I can tell reading your comments. But you can be sure I gave 100% of my heart.....(and money)

Therefore. We decided to quit the band.

Maurycy is still continuing with his writing and music making. He is currently working on his new project/band...And you will probably see/hear from him somewhere in the near future.

Thank you for all your support. Please do not stop listening our music.

With lots of love

Yours Aya

Source: facebook.com
Band profile: UnSun
Posted: 07.03.2016 by Steaklas


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08.03.2016 - 01:26
Stamp Tramp
Sad stuff. I never followed the band, but it would be pretty heartbreaking to not be able to do the thing you love most anymore.
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08.03.2016 - 08:58
I'm so sorry to hear this. Of course I will keep listening to your music and supporting the band. I hope you get well very soon, it's the most important.
09.03.2016 - 05:11
Gutted! Really liked this lot too. Now I know why there hasn't been any new material.

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