Turisas - Guitarist Leaves The Band

Guitarist Georg Laakso from the 'Battle' Folk Metal band Turisas has decided he will leave the band. Nine months ago (October 2005) Laakso was involved in a car accident that left him severely injured, and without full mobility from the chest down. He has been slowly recovering, but he will never recover to the point of being able to walk or play guitar anymore. So he has decided to officially leave Turisas.

Here is a statement by Laakso taken from the band's official website: "Nearly nine months has passed since the accident took place, and after six years in the band, I have now come to the point where I am forced to leave Turisas.

I have been diagnosed with spinal cord injury which has an effect on all the functions in my body. In practice it means that nothing from my chest and below is working properly or at all, and I am now tied to a wheelchair - most likely for the rest of my life. Unfortunately my fingers are not working either and it is very unlikely that I will be able to play the guitar - or any instrument for that matter - ever again. To avoid sounding too gloomy I would like to point out that considering the circumstances I should have been dead many times already."

Turisas has been playing for the last nine months with only one guitarist, and they've decided to leave it that way and not replace Laakso.

In other Turisas news, the band is currently working on a new album, that they hope to release early next year.

Source: turisas.com
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Posted: 13.07.2006 by Necromancer_S


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13.07.2006 - 12:48
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Pretty sad.. No matter who these kinda things happen to, it really sucks.
13.07.2006 - 12:59
Wow, I wasn't expecting this. I mean, somehow the updates of the accident just didn't give me the image of his condition being that bad. Anyhow, it is very sad
13.07.2006 - 13:02
Retired Mod.
Ah damn, I've heard about the accident, but didn't know it would be this serious All the best of luck to Laakso.
13.07.2006 - 17:47
I remember reading about the accident here on MS. He seems to be keeping his chin up, considering his situation. I feel bad for the dude though....
13.07.2006 - 21:34
Daru Jericho
I remember reading about the car accident too. Such a shame. Turisias qualify for a good listen

Good luck in the rest of his recovery.
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14.07.2006 - 02:23
Shit, and he's young for sure... poor dude
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14.07.2006 - 09:06
Wood Troll
Man.... thats really sad. If that happened to me, and I couldnt play ann instrument ever again, id probably kill myself. Well, thats really a shame - Turisas is a great band.
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19.07.2006 - 22:23
Mystic Ice
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This is absolutely horrible news. I thought he was going to recover...at least a little better than this. Laakso is incredibly strong, which is obvious from this statement. I wish only the best for him. A sad day indeed.
30.10.2006 - 22:50
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
thats probably one of the sadest things ive heard in a really long time. i feel bad for Laakso. I wish the best for him.
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