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Toxik's guitarist and founding member Josh Christian recently posted a lengthy update on Facebook regarding recent lineup changes and the status of their long-awaited new album, In Humanity, which will be their first since 1989's Think This, and is expected to be released later this year or next year.

He writes: "Here's what I can say... And I will go into greater detail later but I know people are waiting, so this isn't an official press release but instead a shout out to our you don't forget us or lose hope.

"When we announced we'd be doing something in 2013 there were no songs written... I had a few things that were laying around and a couple of tracks from a solo project I was working on but basically we were starting from scratch...we were encouraged by the response that came from that announcement...(which was way too soon) but it wasn't real yet.

"To keep it short... Going back on the road a few times made us all aware of what the demands of touring are. It's not easy.. Especially for older guys that have lives and are settled in their ways. I had written 10-15 songs in about a 3 month period and that was to be In Humanity I demoed the tracks, Mike Sanders came and sang on a few of them Jason Bittner cut drums for all and Bill Bodily came in and dropped bass tracks on the songs with vocals... in between that we did the first Euro run spring 14 and when we got back we worked some more on the tracks with Mike doing a few more and Bill as well all in all we finished 6 tracks... Went back out again at the end of 14 and came back and sort of fizzled. We didn't get signed like we thought we were going too...I had a personal issue that was pulling me out of the loop and the guys got frustrated by this..

"Jason leaving for Flotsam set me back personally because I felt like I had dropped the ball but in truth he wasn't that happy (I don't think anyway) Toxik was starting over and he was used to being in a working band. There were other personal issues as when we went to Latin America last fall/spring (there) that was when the touring schedule really became an issue...20 plus flights in like 14-15 days it was nuts flying twice in 24 hours no sleep etc... This shit is a grind and it's not for everyone... Monies didn't get distributed, we got stuck in Argentina etc...Also the gel just was not there interpersonally...

"The one really great thing that came out if the Latin American run was James DiMaria...So when we came back we didn't talk much and I started writing again this time from a different place completely... Couple years of gigging and playing has paid off so I wrote 5-6 new tracks musically added them to the better tracks off of IH and here we are... There's more to it but bottom line. Some things have changed and the official announcements about these changes are forthcoming... the record is getting done now... It's better more focused and we are a real band not just something thrown together around a Facebook comment.. Thanks for being patient. JC."

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Posted: 12.08.2016 by Metal God


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I hope so.. I hype struggle is real

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