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Slayer - Christ Illusion At MySpace

'Christ Illusion' will be in stores this Tuesday, but you can listen to the whole damn thing exclusively on Myspace this weekend. Head over to to check it out.

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Posted: 06.08.2006 by Damnated


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06.08.2006 - 22:57
Oops, sorry for publishing this piece of news that late... But for those who can, enjoy!
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Txus, Mägo De Oz
07.08.2006 - 01:53
Der Meister
Account deleted
Listened to the two first tracks and they were both killer!:banger2:
07.08.2006 - 03:13
Down Under Staff
Why would they post the entire album on myspace

The link doesn't seem to work by the way. It tries to go to which isn't a page.
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07.08.2006 - 03:18
the new slayer album kicks ass
07.08.2006 - 04:32
Necromancer_S, you're right about the link, I've just corrected it.
07.08.2006 - 09:13
Jason W.
Great disc BTW. Slayer still plays killer thrash with class...
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08.08.2006 - 03:39
The New Black
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why would the whole album be on myspace?????
11.10.2006 - 02:29
Account deleted
lol the whole album is up because even if they dont at least let fans listen to it for free there going to download for free anyway, and unlike a certain unmentioned band that would be angry and go off sewing everyone for millions of uneeded money slayer have accepte dit and givin you the whole album for free:D which by the way is pretty fucking good

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