Brand new music from Amon Amarth titled 'Cry of the Black Birds', from their forthcoming Metal Blade Records release, has been posted online. You can snag or stream the tune at this location. The band's next effort is expected sometime in October along with new God Dethroned.

Band profile: Amon Amarth
Posted: 13.08.2006 by Thryce


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Magere Tijn - 13.08.2006 at 23:47  
like the song, especially the tune at the beginning
AncientOrigins - 14.08.2006 at 01:34  
It sounds very much like the material on Once Sent From the Golden Hall. I like it
ThunderAxe1989 - 14.08.2006 at 01:59  
wow! i love the new song! brilliant! brilliant!
FECAL_FEAST - 14.08.2006 at 04:16  
Fuck yeah! Very melodic. Can't wait for the rest of the album.
Der Meister - 14.08.2006 at 04:32  
Very nice indeed! Sounds like one of my favourite bands, Insomnium.
MetalSpider - 14.08.2006 at 04:55  
Great song!!!!! It does remind me of a bit of Insomnium (but still retaining their own sound of course)...without the keyboard.
Basso - 14.08.2006 at 10:37  
Im not a fan of Amom Amarth so im not 100 % sure of this, but when i saw theese guys on Wacken I think they played this song, since they said they where going to play a song from the new album. I actually liked this song.
Reinkaos - 14.08.2006 at 11:52  
This Song is Really Great. I can't wait for their new album. FOLKS this is the best metal banda in the World.
Does anyone has the guts to say NO to this band??????????


ANSELMO (Portugal)
SeekTheDarkNess - 14.08.2006 at 12:51  
The song is good, I like it
one more think.... i know to play DEATH IN FIRE, the all song
I want to listten to the new album.... release its!
Black_Handed - 14.08.2006 at 14:23  
man...thats good, really good. melodical, powerfull.
DieH@rd - 15.08.2006 at 10:27  
Raise your swords on high
See the blackbirds fly
Let them hear your rage
Show no Fear! ATTACK!!!

[and then:
-me headbanging!
-band headmanging!
-everyone headbanging!!!]

Great song! Remind me on VS-the-Word songs
lordz - 15.08.2006 at 12:07  
great song as expected from a great band
sanity_assasin - 15.08.2006 at 13:38  
Sounds fucking great, cant wait to hear the whole album.
Endoftherainbow - 15.08.2006 at 16:13  
This is such a great song it's making me look forward to the album release even more then I was before. Really great riff.
Mariusz - 15.08.2006 at 16:34  
Good song, Quite fast tempo so I like it. It is good sign for the upcoming album from Amon Amarth.
Clintagräm - 15.08.2006 at 20:12  
It's amazing how much Melodic Death Metal has influenced Metalcore. This song sounds like it could be a Metalcore song, a really good one that is, except for of course the vocals. This is a little different feel for Amon Amarth, but still in the same vein. Nice song.
Jason W. - 15.08.2006 at 23:00  
Great song, these guys are like a fire that never stops burning
Daru Jericho - 16.08.2006 at 00:39  
It's heavy like their older stuff.
PRIMAL FEAR - 16.08.2006 at 11:27  
Just like all other Amon Amarth stuff I've heard (if someone can recommend me some of their material that contains guitar/instument solos, then please pm me)... and without a GUITAR SOLO or at least some kind of solo to break up what might not have eventually become an average metal release without any diversity, almost as bad as the now 'sold out' dimmu borgir or something... although it is not AS boring in that sense, this song just goes nowhere really...

It seems like one of those songs that would be good for the first few listens and is then moved aside by people, sorry about the negativity here, it just bugs me now and then...
Bas - 16.08.2006 at 14:46  
i agree, absolutely boring song

i like amon amarths last two albums but i think that this track is really lame, much too melodic and it reminds me of metalcore too much, very disappointing song...
Valaskjalf - 17.08.2006 at 01:29  
Yeah not overly impressed....when i read the early comments from ppl on here it sounded like its a fantastic song....kinda lame if you ask me
AncientOrigins - 30.09.2006 at 17:48  
Bas and C-Dub please tell me how the fuck you define METALCORE
Dangerboner - 01.10.2006 at 06:23  
This song OWNS

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