Twilight Force - Part Ways With Vocalist

Twilight Force is facing an important line-up change. The original vocalist Chrileon is leaving the quest. The band explained in a lengthy statement that Chrileon is no longer part of the band but the future endeavours of Twilight Force will not be affected as "his compositional contributions to Twilight Force has always been nonexistent." The search for a new frontman begins and for now Tommy Johansson (Sabaton, ReinXeed) will replace him temporarily.

First statement: "It has now become apparent to us, that somewhere along this perilous journey, Chrileon fell victim to the Forcelord's dark soul magic. And alas, his mind was easily enticed by these deceitful whispers of darkness, until the day eventually came, when Chrileon's spirit was completely obscured by blackness and avarice. He secretly spawned minions of beguiling charm to aid him in his battle, and now, in the eleventh hour, Chrileon forsook his vow to stand by our side in the battles to come.

"Hence, Chrileon has inevitably forfeited his birthright to the Emerald Throne, and is unfit to rule the Kingdoms as a beacon of twilight. We know this might seem like grave news to some of our brave Knights. But fear not! The future endeavours of Twilight Force will NOT be affected in any way, shape or form by the departure and fall of Chrileon. His compositional contributions to Twilight Force has always been nonexistent. So the sights, sounds, and sparkling musical landscapes of Twilight Force will forever remain utterly and completely unaffected. We will now begin the exciting adventure of searching the kingdoms for a worthy and mighty successor to Chrileon, to carry onwards the Crystal of Emerald Fire!

"Also, the forthcoming journey together with DragonForce will commence as planned with a temporary, albeit gloriously mighty and renowned replacement! It will be none other than our good friend Tommy Johansson (Sabaton, ReinXeed). Just to make it clear, he is not the new singer of Twilight Force; the stars fortunately aligned perfectly so that the touring schedule of Sabaton did not collide with our adventures together with DragonForce.

Update/Clarification: "In light of the recent news of Chrileon's departure from Twilight Force, we just wish to take a brief moment to clarify a few things, in a more concrete form than what is customary for us. But we believe this situation calls for some more plain words. There seem to be some confusion regarding the post, and what we wanted to convey. Something that we might have failed to anticipate. So please, keep in mind that it was written in the now so familiar vein of our lore and the stories from the Twilight Kingdoms, and should as such, be seen as a story about Chrileon within the fictional boundaries of the Twilight Kingdoms. We also wanted to be clear and honest with you, our venerated Knights, that the music of Twilight Force will remain unchanged. Over time, it became clear to us, that we sought different things, and could not continue with the same passion and mirth that we had in the past. We wish Christian nothing but good fortune in his future endeavours, and his voice will be missed.

"Our hearts are truly strengthened by all the magic and love that you give us in these trying times, as well as we understand the frustration and emptiness some of you experience. But, we can assure you, there is nothing to fear. The future is going to be bright and magical indeed, and Twilight Force has just begun its true adventure. Together we will journey to the stars! We have also received several inquiries regarding which mortal hero will carry onwards the legacy of Chrileon, and we will indeed begin the process of finding a new singer as fast as a dragon will fly. But it is too soon to give any more concrete information on this matter at this time. We however appreciate and welcome all suggestions! May the Power of the Ancient Force be with you all!

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Posted: 04.10.2017 by BloodTears


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04.10.2017 - 17:20
To bad, he was a good singer.
04.10.2017 - 17:35
The First Statement is the greatest "member leaves band"-statement I've ever read.
04.10.2017 - 19:05
The new singer has got big boots to fill.

On a separate note, there's a few Power Metal vocalists I can think of that could potentially fit into their sound well. Someone like Fabio Lione or Michele Luppi just as a first thought.
05.10.2017 - 00:30
^^ I think Fabio is currently in about 23 bands as it is... he doesn't need any more.
First gig was Manowar (loincloths 'n' all), Bristol Colston Hall in March 1983, on the 'Hail to England' tour. Tickets were £3.75, 300 in the audience, Mercyful Fate never showed, but my hearing still got seriously trashed..
05.10.2017 - 05:06
Why not Daniel Heiman? He needs to return SERIOUSLY into the Metal scene (Harmony's album he recorded was nice, but he can do still MORE!)
05.10.2017 - 11:56
M C Vice
Written by Azarath on 04.10.2017 at 17:35

The First Statement is the greatest "member leaves band"-statement I've ever read.

Agreed. I can understand why they needed the clarification one afterwards. The 1st one sorta sounded like the singer was kicked out for a drug habit.
"Another day, another Doug."
"I'll fight you on one condition. That you lower your nipples."
" 'Tis a lie! Thy backside is whole and ungobbled, thou ungrateful whelp!"
05.10.2017 - 12:25
The Shape 1973
Would imagine the second statement came after the Disney lawyer read the first one.
So when do the zombies arrive?
05.10.2017 - 13:40
Sad news He is a fantastic singer and frontman. But they didn't say why he left..

The Land Is Silent... Before The Storm!
07.10.2017 - 20:03
I think he was the weakest link in the band. His voice and talent was absolute average. With a good choice of the new singer the band can be more famous as it deserves.
28.01.2019 - 08:39
I feel he was the weakest connection in the group. His influence and aptitude was complete standard. With a high-quality alternative of the new-fangled vocalist the pop group be able to be more celebrated as it deserve.

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