Sarah Jezebel Deva - Comments About Dissection's Frontman Passing

Cradle Of Filth backing singer 'Sarah Jezebel Deva', has sent a statement to Blabbermouth regarding the passing of Dissection frontman Jon Nödveidt.

Nödtveidt, 31, was found dead on August 16 at his apartment in Hässelby, a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden, the apparent victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

In December 1997, Nödveidt was arrested for the murder of Josef Ben Meddaour and served seven years for accessory to murder and possession of an illegal firearm.

In a posting on the official Angtoria forum, Sarah Jezebel Deva stated in part, "I think commiting suicide, although very close to doing it myself at times, is bullshit! What the fuck was he thinking? Ending the Dissection legacy by making a kvlt statement and killing yaself! Fucking bullshit, if you ask me. . . Whatever his reasons, RIP, but I still think he is an idiot for doing this." (Read Sarah's entire posting here.

Elaborating on her online posting, Sarah Jezebel Deva has sent the following statement to Blabbermouth:

"People do or say things without thinking of the consequences we are ALL guilty of that. I wish people would stop acting as if they are so damn perfect.

"I can assure you my comments were NOT meant to offend they were totally innocent, [and] they were said out of disappointment, nothing else.

"It doesn't matter what you say or do, people will interpret what you say how they see fit. People see what they want to see.

"The topic of Jon's death was on almost every message board and I participated in a thread on my OWN message board where the comment was extracted. I commented on what happened because I was kind of shocked. Of course you are going to be shocked when someone you once knew kills themselves.

"Anyone who read the original statement and had half a brain knew damn well I wasn't bad-mouthing him, but you can't educate the thick, can you?!

"I'm issuing this statement because I wanted to clear this up with ANYONE directly connected with the band. The rest of the judgmental, double-standard twats who made negative comments can kiss my arse!

"Thank you."

Band profile: Angtoria
Posted: 04.09.2006 by Døc


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04.09.2006 - 20:29
Account deleted
I really like Sarah
05.09.2006 - 05:56
Account deleted
well, I have to say that she hit the nail on the head with this one. If anyone argues that he is not an idiot then you are arguing that commiting murder/suicide does not class you as an idiot, which it clearly does. Im not saying that he didnt make good music, but the way he lived his life was marked with acts of stupidity. I wish Sarah didnt recant on what she said so quickly, have courage of your convictions girl!
05.09.2006 - 12:03
No Longer Human
I really liked her statement. It's clear, that he was an idiot, ending the Dissection with such ...

R.I.P anyway.
12.09.2006 - 03:45
I Own You Bitch
I kind of always liked her ^^'
Stick this up your fucking pee-aitch-dee.

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