The Faceless - Announce U.S. Shows, Kick Inanimate Existence Off Tour Due To Rape Allegation

UPDATE: Inanimate Existence failed to respond after The Faceless kicked them off their tour, and now a new statement has been released by The Faceless explaining the situation a little bit more. According to them, they dropped Inanimate Existence off the tour due to a rape allegation made against one of the band members, who was not named.

Latest statement: "Since this has turned into inevitable internet drama thanks to the metal tabloids, here is the truth. If Inanimate Existence aren't going to come forward after being given the chance and instead choose to make jokes about 'vaping', we will. Edited from Ken Sorceron's original post on his personal fb page to be more blunt: Getting plenty of messages asking me about this so I'm just going to say this. We (The Faceless) had to drop a band from our upcoming tour yesterday. The fact is that someone came to me with what began as a compelling story about a terrible crime in which a member of the band that was to tour with us was the perpetrator. That crime was rape. When we asked the member of this band about it we got poorly photoshopped screenshots of a conversation between the member of the band and the victim attempting to absolve him of guilt and make her sound 'desperate for attention' that appear to have simply never happened.

"Photoshopping a fake conversation that frees you from guilt doesn't seem like an action that someone who is actually innocent would take. We aren't giving all the details of who, how or when because its up to the victim to do that publicly when and if she wants to, but either way we don't want anything to do with this band while this one guy is still in the band. This is our choice to make and to the people who disagree, get fucked because I see plenty of 'fans' talking shit on comment sections and maybe many of you are just huge apologists for one of the most vile types of human behavior on this planet but we aren't. Sorry shit heads.

Inanimate Existence has yet to make a statement regarding these allegations.

Original news, published on 16.11.2017: Just recently, tech death metallers The Faceless announced that they will be playing some album release shows for their new album, In Becoming A Ghost which will be coming out on December 1st. And the band Inanimate Existence were announced as special guests. However, they have now been booted out of the tour over an alleged incident involving a woman. Inanimate Existence haven't responded yet.

The Faceless published two posts on the matter and later deleted them: "Due to information that has just come to our attention today regarding actions that we simply cannot stand for, we will be dropping Inanimate Existence from our album release shows. It is not our place to say what these actions were, but we cannot and will not condone them, and thus must drop them from the tour. We have not yet decided if we will be looking to replace them with another band. We will be fulfilling these dates with our without a replacement opener."

Michael Keene also posted this on his personal Facebook page but later removed it:

The only post visible at the moment is this one: "We have deleted all previous posts and will be waiting for Inanimate Existence to make a statement of their own and admit to why these events are occurring. We would encourage them to do the right thing and come forward with the allegations against one of their members. We're sorry to be vague, but this is a touchy issue."

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Posted: 17.11.2017 by BloodTears

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