Twisted Tower Dire - Complete New Album

According to Twisted Tower Dire's guitarist, Scott Waldrop, the band has been working on a new album which will drop on No Remorse Records tentatively in February 2019.

He says: "I'm more than a husband, father, runner, recovering alcoholic, writer etc. I'm also a guitar player and song writer. We all wear many masks and that's okay. Nothing worth pursuing is easy. We started this band nearly 25 years ago. These guys have been with me through thick and thin.

"We've been through tours, albums, births and deaths together. They've seen me through sobriety and we've buried bandmates together. Did our future turn out the way I pictured when I was 18? No. Are we grateful that people still want to hear us play and labels still want to put out our albums? Yes, most definitely very much so. This band has been like an ultramarathon. Its journey has been convoluted, fraught with giant mistakes, full of unexpected consequences and compartmental triumphs. It is not always simple to make it work with four other talented type-A personalities.

"But the universe has brought us together and this is a gift. I cannot ask others to show up for their dreams through my ultrarunning and addiction recovery stories only to give up on this one while it's still breathing with dignity. This would be a travesty of indifference... Indifference towards the collective power we have when together... Indifference towards the beautifully violent sonic wall we co-create. So, here's a pic of us from a few weeks ago as we wrap up our sixth studio album coming out on No Remorse Records. If we still have synergy and proverbial and or literal air in our lungs, it's an invitation to press forth and persevere. I mean that as a generalization and for all life."

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Posted: 07.11.2018 by Bad English

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