Dream Theater - Seek New Label/Recording New Album

Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy revealed during an appearance on October 6 on the "Friday Night Rocks" radio show on New York's Q104.3 FM that the band has ended its longtime collaboration with Atco/EastWest Records/The Atlantic Group and is currently in talks with several labels about a possible new record deal.

In addition, the group has entered a New York City studio with engineer Paul Northfield (Rush, Queensryche, Suicidal Tendencies, Marilyn Manson) to begin recording its follow-up to 2005's "Octavarium", tentatively due next April/May. A few excerpts from Portnoy's "Friday Night Rocks" interview follow:

On current label negotiations and new album recordings:

"We didn't wanna sit around waiting to close up the deal and deal with all the legal paperwork and all that, and have to wait until all that was done to start the record, so we booked the studio time — we wanted to start the record — so we started a month ago. But we've been meeting with lots of labels since we are here in New York [City recording], and I think we're probably days to weeks away from making a decision and making an announcement."

"We've done all of this pretty much on our own at this point. The labels thus far have… With the exception of our heyday 15 years ago, with 'Images and Words' and everything — other than that, we've pretty much just built this thing on our own, so it'll be amazing to see what we can do with a little bit of support."

The whole interview can be found here.

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Posted: 10.10.2006 by Master_o_Puppets


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10.10.2006 - 16:13
Account deleted
Good luck for the new label.. Hopefully the new record will be better than Octavarium.
10.10.2006 - 16:23
Angel of Lust
Yes, I agree... Octavarium isn't as I expect from Dream Theater, it's not bad but DT can make masterpieces that aren't "Octavarium" for sure... but not "Train Of Thought" too!

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Howard Phillips Lovecraft
10.10.2006 - 20:14
i agree too...i hope they return to their past albums success, the last one really disappointed me...
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10.10.2006 - 20:22
Dane Train
Beers & Kilts
You do all realize that Octavarium is the highest selling Dream Theater album. It was a mile stone in their carrer.

Anyway, for the label, a few years ago when I new they were coming up upon the end of their contract, I was hoping they would go with Inside Out Music. I think that would be a fantastic fit for both band and label.
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10.10.2006 - 23:17
We all can trust in Dream Theater. If they have no label, no one can bother them (Falling into Infinity). Expect another masterpiece.
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10.10.2006 - 23:19
Kap'N Korrupt
Account deleted
Just because Octavarium was their highest selling album doesn't make it good...I know you praise the album but I can't really see too much good in it beyond it's obvious high points...I dunno...something about Octavarium just rubs me the wrong way...
10.10.2006 - 23:25
Account deleted
Yeh, last time I checked, 50 Cent is a platinum artist because of all the CDs he sold... he still sucks insurmountable amounts of ass.
11.10.2006 - 06:20
el parcero
I actually liked Octavarium. I know it's kinda different and stuff, but I still think it's a great piece. Anyway, hope they have good luck with this new label thing and expect another great album soon.
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11.10.2006 - 12:25
Account deleted
Octavarium was very unique (and the song Octavarium is a masterpiece according to me) and an important milestone for DT's music. I believe their next record will be another brilliant stuff. All of their albums have something different from the other ones, and this is just the point what makes DT better.
12.10.2006 - 05:55
La Luna
Well whatever they do I hope is the best choice I really hope so , and well can't wait for new material , I hope is much better I really do , and I hope the record label is good as well ,My best wishes ...

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